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Sakura Incense - Cone Sakura Incense - Cone
Japanese Incense Gift Set Japanese Incense Gift Set
Japanese Incense Set - Moon Japanese Incense Set - Moon
Cypress Incense Cypress Incense
Bunny Incense Holder Bunny Incense Holder
Synchronicity Incense Cone Synchronicity Incense Cone
White Musk Incense - Cone White Musk Incense - Cone
Incense Cone - Garden Incense Cone - Garden
Japanese Incense Box - Naturel Japanese Incense Box - Naturel
Japanese Incense Box - Snow Japanese Incense Box - Snow
Japanese Incense-Holder - Neko Japanese Incense-Holder - Neko
Green Tea Incense Sticks Green Tea Incense Sticks
Rainy Musk Incense - Cone Rainy Musk Incense - Cone
Cone Incense - Bamboo Cone Incense - Bamboo
Japanese Incense Burner - Sakura Japanese Incense Burner - Sakura
Neko Incense Holder Neko Incense Holder
Cat Incense Holder Cat Incense Holder
Traditional Japanese Incense - Rose Traditional Japanese Incense - Rose
Spiral Incense Spiral Incense
Japanese Incense White Peach Japanese Incense White Peach
Luxury Japanese Incense - Meditation Luxury Japanese Incense - Meditation
Green Tea Incense Green Tea Incense
Wisteria Incense Wisteria Incense
Jasmine Incense Jasmine Incense
Oriental Musk Incense - Cone Oriental Musk Incense - Cone
Japanese Incense Set - Morning Japanese Incense Set - Morning
Japanese Incense Box - Flower Japanese Incense Box - Flower
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Spiritual Incense - Cone Spiritual Incense - Cone
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Traditional Japanese Incense - Violet Traditional Japanese Incense - Violet
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Rose Incense Rose Incense
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Luxury Japanese Incense - Relaxation Luxury Japanese Incense - Relaxation
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Ceramic Cat Incense-Holder Ceramic Cat Incense-Holder
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Incense Holder Cherry Blossom Incense Holder Cherry Blossom
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Lily Incense Lily Incense
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Luxury Japanese Incense - Purification Luxury Japanese Incense - Purification
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Japanese Incense Box - Wood Japanese Incense Box - Wood

Japanese incense: a deliciously enchanting fragrance

Do you wish to relax, meditate or perfume your home with subtle aromas? Japanese incense is renowned throughout the world for its delicate and refined fragrances. It has been used for thousands of years for its soothing and purifying properties on the body and mind.

The incense of Japan

In Japanese culture, Kodo refers to the voice of incense, a sacred ceremony that elevates the spirit using the scent of the bark.

Traditional Japanese incense is made from natural ingredients. It comes in the form of small pieces of wood to burn, sticks, cones or aromatic powders. It is made with precious wood resins such as sandalwood, Agarwood, Tabu no ki bark, herbs, spices or essential oils. Its scents have a relaxing and spiritual power. This is why it is used during religious ceremonies and for meditation. According to cultural beliefs, incense has many virtues: in addition to purifying the atmosphere and eliminating negative energies, the fragrant smoke would have the power to soothe the mind or to protect from evil forces.

History of Japanese incense

Japanese incense, known as "Ko" in the Land of the Rising Sun, was imported in the 6th century by Buddhist monks. As a ritual of offering and purification, it is strongly linked to ancestor worship in Buddhist traditions. It is also common to burn incense sticks in temples. The smoke is said to have the power to transmit prayers to the deities.

During Shinto ceremonies, incense is diffused with a charcoal burner. It is a purification ritual before invoking the kami. Little by little, people started to burn aromatic woods in their homes as well. The aristocrats of the imperial court were very fond of these prestigious fragrant woods. They appreciated their perfumes and their therapeutic virtues. The samurai impregnated their armor with its protective power.

Types of Japanese incense

There are different types of Japanese incense. Each combination of ingredients gives a unique fragrance.

We can distinguish:

  • Floral scents like cherry blossom, jasmine or plum blossom
  • Woody scents such as cedar, sandalwood or Kyara wood
  • Spicy scents like patchouli or cinnamon
  • Herbaceous scents such as green tea, matcha or sage
  • Fruity scents like mango or fig...

The most popular fragrances are sandalwood, aloe wood, cherry blossom and lavender incense.

Which Japanese incense to choose?

According to beliefs, each incense has a specific power or role. Some are used to relieve stress or anxiety, such as lavender wood; others are used for entertaining guests, such as cherry blossom incense, or for spiritual awakening, such as sandalwood. Finally, Kyara is the luxury Japanese incense at the height of refinement.

Japanese incense exists in different forms: In powder or grains, it is heated in a censer containing burning coal and ash. In stick form, it burns slowly and evenly, while the incense cone gives off a more intense fragrance and burns more quickly. The latter can be placed on a nice stand to enjoy a relaxing atmosphere. Our Japanese incense holders and Japanese incense burners are perfect for decorating your home with style.

Are you particularly sensitive to smoke? Smokeless Japanese incense are a great choice. The morning star incense from Nippon Kodo company, known for its quality, also features a smooth burning.

Precautions of use

As for any combustion, it is advisable to take the necessary precautions. The choice of a natural and quality incense is necessary. Also, keep an eye on the burning and make sure the space is well ventilated.

Looking for a zen gift idea for someone who loves home fragrances? Discover our Japanese incense boxes and sets, perfect for giving. Finally, for a decorative touch inside, opt for a beautiful Japanese incense diffuser.