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Maneki Neko Bracelet - Koban Maneki Neko Bracelet - Koban Pink
Maneki Neko Bracelet - Beads Maneki Neko Bracelet - Beads Pink
Maneki Neko Lucky Charm Bracelet Red Maneki Neko Lucky Charm Bracelet Black
Cat Earrings Cat Earrings
Japanese Hair Clip Japanese Hair Clip
Cherry Blossom Earrings Cherry Blossom Earrings
Japanese Sensu Earrings Japanese Sensu Earrings
Blue Origami Earrings Blue Origami Earrings
Japanese Zodiac Bracelet Japanese Zodiac Bracelet
Red Origami Earrings Red Origami Earrings
Japanese Kingyo Earrings Japanese Kingyo Earrings
Gold Origami Crane Earrings Gold Origami Crane Earrings
Japanese Bracelet Men’s - Beads Red Japanese Bracelet Men’s - Beads
Uchiwa Ume Earrings Uchiwa Ume Earrings
Uchiwa Nami Earrings Uchiwa Nami Earrings
Uchiwa Fuji Earrings Uchiwa Fuji Earrings
Red Asanoha Earrings Red Asanoha Earrings
Goldfish Japanese Earrings Goldfish Japanese Earrings
Japanese dangling earrings Japanese dangling earrings
Asanoha Blue Earrings Asanoha Blue Earrings
Asanoha Violet Earrings Asanoha Violet Earrings
Torii Gate Necklace Torii Gate Necklace
Gold Crane Necklace
Japanese Necklace Yamato-Damashii Japanese Necklace Yamato-Damashii
Silver Crane Necklace Silver Crane Necklace
Japanese Flower Earrings Japanese Flower Earrings
Japanese Flag Necklace Japanese Flag Necklace
Maneki Neko Necklace Maneki Neko Necklace
Japanese Men’s Bracelet - Knot Green/Purple Japanese Men’s Bracelet - Knot
Japanese Style Earrings - Ball Japanese Style Earrings - Ball
Umbrella Earrings - Pink Umbrella Earrings - Pink
Japanese Knot Earrings Japanese Knot Earrings
Umbrella Earrings - Blue Umbrella Earrings - Blue
Sakura Earrings Sakura Earrings
Retro Earrings Retro Earrings
Crane Earrings Crane Earrings
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Kyoto Origami Earrings Kyoto Origami Earrings
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Japanese Flower Earrings Hana Japanese Flower Earrings Hana
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Origami Crane Earrings Origami Crane Earrings
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Kotobuki Japanese Necklace Kotobuki Japanese Necklace
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Japanese Golden Drop Necklace Japanese Golden Drop Necklace
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Golden Japanese Bracelet - Chain Golden Japanese Bracelet - Chain
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Golden Japanese Bracelet - Pearls Golden Japanese Bracelet - Pearls
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Golden Japanese Bracelet - Bar Golden Japanese Bracelet - Bar
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Pansy Earrings Pansy Earrings
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Pansy Flower Earrings Pansy Flower Earrings
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Japanese Fan Earrings - Blue Japanese Fan Earrings - Blue
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Fan Shaped Earrings - Pink Fan Shaped Earrings - Pink
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Red Crane Origami Earrings Red Crane Origami Earrings
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Red Japanese Earrings Red Japanese Earrings
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Blue Origami Crane Earrings Blue Origami Crane Earrings
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Koi Earrings Koi Earrings

Japanese jewelry: the ultimate finishing touch!

Somewhere between tradition and modernity, Japanese jewelry enhances your look from head to toe! Bring a touch of originality to your style with these accessories inspired by the Japanese culture.

What are the styles of Japanese jewelry?

Traditional Japanese ornaments such as origami, fabric or braided rope jewelry are true works of art. More contemporary jewelry is also available, inspired by Western culture. These beauty accessories are often adorned with Japanese motifs rich in symbolic meanings.

Traditional Japanese jewelry

Japanese beauty accessories have been around for centuries. In the Land of the Rising Sun, geishas wear beautiful obi and fans to complement their kimono. They also use kanzashi and combs to embellish their elaborate hairstyles.

Traditional Japanese jewelry is handmade according to ancestral methods of weaving, folding and painting. Japanese paper jewelry, for example, is the result of a very old know-how. Japanese craftsmen pay great attention to details. This is why each piece is so refined. Among the materials used, we find silk, cotton, paper, lacquer, wood, precious stones, gold, copper and silver. Jewelry decorated with emblematic symbols such as the crane, the dragon, the samurai, the cherry blossom or the lotus flower pay a real tribute to the culture of the country.

Contemporary Japanese jewelry

Very much focused on hair accessories, Japanese jewelry has evolved with the Western influence. Today, we also see many necklaces, bracelets, rings and other pieces influenced by Japanese culture. We often find fabrics, washi paper and spiritual symbols. Japanese costume jewelry is also imbued with pop culture. Thus, it is not uncommon to encounter Hello Kitty pendants and other kawaii figures in the streets of Japan.

Types of Japanese jewelry

We offer a wide range of Japanese jewelry for women and men, directly inspired by the Land of the Rising Sun. Our fancy jewelry will complement your style with refinement and perfectly match with western outfits.

Japanese hair jewelry

Hair jewelry such as kanzashi or Japanese hachimaki are perfect to complement your hairstyle. The kanzashi is a real work of art that decorates women's hair. This hairpin, made of different materials such as silk, metal or lacquer, is often decorated with floral patterns. Men will prefer the hachimaki headband, to spice up an urban style.

Japanese earrings

Whether they are made of cultured pearls, paper or decorated with traditional Japanese motifs, our earrings will enhance your face. The cherry blossoms symbolize ephemeral beauty and elegance while the waves are a tribute to the power of nature. Looking for originality? Consider origami earrings!

Japanese necklace

We find beaded necklaces, traditional fabric cords and chains adorned with pendants. Men's necklaces are inspired by dragons, samurais or Buddhist motifs while sakura, flowers and fans sublimate women's neck. In addition, certain symbols such as the cat or the "Asanoha" motifs are considered as real lucky charms in Japan.

Japanese style bracelet

Japanese style bracelets are often made from fabrics like silk, cotton, rope or even paper. Kumihino and mizuhiki are traditional Japanese techniques used to create these types of bracelets. The maneki-neko bracelet is also a very popular charm. Ideal as a gift!

Japanese ring

Made of gold, silver, wood, ivory or steel, Japanese rings decorate your fingers with elegance. They can be encrusted with precious stones or engraved with Japanese motifs with specific meanings. Did you know that the dragon represents strength, wisdom and immortality? Looking for a romantic gift idea? Opt for the carnation and the camellia which express love.

How to wear Japanese jewelry?

Japanese jewelry are your allies, whatever the occasion! Japanese accessories can be worn with modern outfits to add an exotic and unique touch. Fabric bracelets and necklaces offer a casual look while Japanese beaded jewelry can add a touch of elegance to an outfit. If you are invited to a wedding or special event, kanzashi hair brooches and chic ornaments are just perfect!

Enjoy Japanese culture, spiritual symbols, authenticity and elegance? You will love our Japanese jewelry collection!