Japanese decorations somewhere between craftsmanship and the Zen spirit

In the land of the Rising Sun, the art of living is deeply inspired by the Zen spirit. The Japanese house is characterized by a sober, refined and minimalist interior decoration. Generally, the floor is covered with tatami and the furniture is low-lying. According to the wabi-sabi concept, imperfection meets sophistication.

To furnish your Japanese interior, eliminate the superfluous and leave room for the essentials. Sobriety and serenity perfectly describe the cocooning space which you will be able to create. Each decorative object must have an important value to you. Whether it is a bonsai, a Buddha figurine or other trinkets, they must resonate with meaning in the depths of your soul. However, be careful not to overload your home decor so as not to disturb the Feng-shui.

You wish to decorate your room in the Japanese way? There are plenty of possibilities to create a Zen atmosphere in this part of your home. Prefer a subdued light by adding a few rice paper lanterns or Japanese balls that will serve as original lampshades. To dress up the walls, simply hang a painting or a wall tapestry hanging. The cherry blossoms, very present in Japanese art, will bring calm and softness to your home. Another very original Japanese wall decoration: a garland of origami cranes. Lastly, the floor is covered with colorful pouffes and cushions to create a nice reading corner.

Discover all our ideas to perfect your home decor by adding an exotic and soothing Japanese style.

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Create a Japanese atmosphere at home has never been easier! Refined, elegant and exotic, Japanese decor is based on the Zen principle to create a calm and peaceful atmosphere in your home.

Enhance your sofa with these cushion covers and its Japanese designs, either humorous or poetic. Hang a red paper lantern in the corner of your kitchen to bring some Japanese restaurant vibes. Replace your bulky chairs with a few floor cushions, or zabutons, around your coffee table. A cozy and warm atmosphere is guaranteed!

Sublimate your empty walls with a nice Japanese painting on canvas, inspired by traditional art or manga pop culture. Separate two rooms in an original way with a noren, a Japanese curtain that is split in the middle.

Lastly, if there remains a small empty space on a shelf or in the corner of your desk, don't hesitate to fill it with a pretty Japanese figurine. Pick a Maneki Neko to bring happiness and good fortune into your home, or a daruma to grant your dearest wish. These decorative objects are perfect to bring an Asian touch in your bedroom.

Now it's time to make your own choice and find out which decorative item will suit you best! In your living room, bedroom, office or even kitchen, blow a Japanese air and travel... while staying at home! And of course, come back to our store whenever you wish.