Japanese Figurines

Traditional Japanese figurines to decorate homes

The famous Maneki Neko, the curious Daruma, the elegant Kokeshi... These Japanese figurines are invited in our homes to decorate a shelf, a corner of furniture to bring that mysterious touch specific to the Land of the Rising Sun. They are also excellent gift ideas to offer to a fan of Japan.

Kokeshi, the traditional wooden doll

Once sold as souvenirs to Japanese tourists in the north of Japan, Kokeshi have now conquered the whole world. With their cylindrical shape and round head, they make great decorative objects to present on a shelf or dresser. These days, these Japanese dolls symbolize the desire to have a healthy child and can also be given as a sign of love or friendship.

Daruma, the paper mache figurine

With its rounded shape without limbs and its large empty eyes, the Daruma intrigues and fascinates. Inspired by the legend of the monk Bodhidharma, this Japanese paper mache doll is a symbol of perseverance and success. In Japanese culture, the Daruma is considered a figurine for wishes. Its use consists in formulating a wish or a goal to achieve before painting the iris of an eye to seal its commitment to oneself. The Daruma should then be placed in a prominent place in the home so that it can be seen regularly. Once the goal is reached, the second iris can be painted to restore the Daruma's sight. This Japanese figurine is an excellent psychological way to make your dreams come true.

Maneki Neko, the Japanese lucky cat

Traditional Japanese statuette, the Maneki Neko represents a sitting cat with a raised front paw. Its name literally means "the beckoning cat". In Japan, it is often found at the entrance of shops and restaurants to welcome customers and attract good luck. Nowadays, this lucky Japanese figurine also finds its place in our homes, both to decorate and to bring luck to the whole family.

Japanese pop culture figurines to collect

Studio Ghibli, the magical world of Miyazaki

Who never marveled at the poetic world of Studio Ghibli? My Neighbor Totoro, Spirited Away, Princess Mononoke, Kiki's Delivery Service... All of these Japanese anime made us dream. Rediscover the magic of these characters and fantastic creatures in the form of figurines placed on your desk, shelf or bedside table.