Japanese Figurines

From Totoro figurines to traditional Kokeshi dolls, discover our collection of Japanese figurines and dolls. You'll find beautiful miniature garden decorations and great gifts to give to your friends.

The adorable Japanese wooden Kokeshi dolls

There are plenty of traditional Japanese dolls, called ningyō in Japanese, which means "human figure". All these dolls have different shapes and stories.

The first creations of kokeshi dolls date back to 150 years ago, in the North of the Japanese archipelago.

However, the history of this traditional Japanese doll reveals a darker side to its use. When misery hit a village, sometimes women were forced to kill their own children in order not to condemn them to starvation. In this case, for each child killed, a kokeshi doll was made in its memory, meaning "to make the child disappear". Thus, people did not forget that it is thanks to the sacrifices of these children that they could survive.

In the Japanese tradition, these beautiful wooden dolls are offered to a person as a sign of friendship or love.