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Japanese Style Long Kitchen Apron Japanese Style Long Kitchen Apron

Indispensable in workshops, kitchen or garden activities, the Japanese apron embodies functional elegance and refined craftsmanship, making it an emblematic accessory of Japanese culture. Made from cotton or linen, the Japanese apron features crossed straps and a belt tied at the back. Long, short or as a dress, it offers practical, durable protection for all your needs.

The Japanese apron, between versatility and elegance

Made from quality materials and featuring a stain-resistant treatment, Japanese aprons offer optimum protection for gardening, DIY, pottery, manual activities, household chores and much more. Their cross-back straps provide full coverage and a perfect fit for all body shapes. Japanese aprons are faithful allies featuring two large pockets on the front. Your tools and utensils will always be close at hand!

In addition to being particularly comfortable, Japanese aprons are also great clothing accessories. Indeed, Japanese aprons for women also come in the form of charming dresses. Their minimalist, elegant aesthetic makes them unique fashion pieces.

Maekake : short Japanese aprons

The maekake is a short Japanese apron, made of indigo blue cotton and dating back to the 15th century. Its retro, nostalgic look gives it a special charm. This versatile apron was once worn by craftsmen and shopkeepers and has lost none of its popularity. It can even be admired as a decoration and collector's item!

The maekake is fastened at the hips with a sturdy belt to protect your lower back. This belt is often colored red, or even orange, and white, symbolizing business luck.

One of the unique features of the maekake is that it has no seams at the bottom, leaving the bangs visible. This custom reflects respect for the fabric, recalling a time when cotton was rare and precious. By buying a maekake, you're opting for a piece of Japanese history and tradition.

Treat yourself to a top-quality Japanese apron, designed to meet your everyday needs. Keep your clothes clean in style and add a touch of Japanese authenticity to your life. Your apron will accompany you in the kitchen, in the garden and in all your manual activities. Protecting yourself has never been so elegant!