Japanese Bag

A Japanese bag to complete your style!

Whether it's a large tote bag or a small handbag, shoulder bag or backpack... Japan Avenue offers you a selection of unique and original Japanese bags. In order to find the bag that suits your needs, follow our guide!

The Japanese knot bag, a minimalist and elegant bag

The knot bag has the particularity of having an asymmetrical shape with one handle longer than the other. Reassure yourself, this is not a fabrication defect, it simply allows to close your bag very naturally by passing the larger handle in the smaller one. Thus, no zipper or snap fastener system is needed.

This Japanese bag made of a thick and resistant fabric has the advantage of being available in an infinite number of prints, patterns and textures. The bags in our collection feature beautiful Japanese patterns and prints.

Small-sized, it can be carried by hand or wrapped around the wrist. Perfect for carrying your smartphone, wallet and keys... All the essentials without taking up unnecessary space. A real fashion accessory that complements your outfit by bringing the final touch.

The Japanese tote bag, a canvas bag that will accompany you wherever you go

Practical, ecological and unique, our tote bags feature beautiful Japanese quality prints to ensure a very original Japanese style. From traditional patterns to modern prints, including famous prints such as The Great Wave of Kanagawa... there is something for everyone!

Folded in four, it can be slipped into your handbag to serve as an extra bag to take out whenever the opportunity arises. Feel like shopping? An unexpected detour to the supermarket to do 2-3 errands? Learn to refuse plastic bags and proudly take out your tote bag! Now that's a stylish and eco-friendly solution.

With its large size, the tote bag is perfect to store a few notebooks or your laptop before going to work. Its thick canvas fabric is sturdy and durable. Washable and easy to carry, it can be used either as a gym bag or a beach bag. Some models are equipped with zippered interior compartments to preciously store your laptop and wallet.

The kinchaku bag, the traditional Japanese bag par excellence

Inseparable accessory of the kimono, the kinchaku is a small traditional Japanese bag which closes with a drawstring. These days, the models have somewhat evolved and the prints can be traditional as well as kawaii.

This small bag is an essential fashion accessory in the wardrobe of a woman passionate about Japanese culture. With its small size, the kinchaku bag will serve both as a mini handbag, a make-up bag, and a toilet bag...