Japanese Noren Curtain

For creating a Japanese atmosphere in your home, the centerpiece is, undoubtedly, the Japanese noren. Whether you want to separate two rooms or decorate a wall, our noren curtains will bring a Japanese air into your home through magnificent traditional Japanese patterns.

Japanese Noren, a traditional three-in-one curtain

The Japanese noren curtain, is a typical Japanese accessory and is inseparable from traditional style decoration in Japan. This curtain is presented as a short rectangular panel split in the middle to facilitate the passage of people. In Japan, it is generally found at the entrance of shops and restaurants to indicate that they are open. When they are closed, the curtains are unhooked and put away. The noren has three main functions:

  • Separate and hide interiors from curious eyes outside
  • Protect against sun, wind and dust
  • Support for writing the name or designing the logo of the business

It is not uncommon to also find noren inside houses to separate two rooms. Moreover, this is the main function that has been adopted by Westerners. In this context, besides protecting a room from curious eyes, sun, wind and dust, the Japanese noren curtains also make a beautiful decorative element for your home. Their function can of course be declined to infinity and you can even use them as window curtains, wall decoration or panels to close a cupboard, for example. Noren usually have beautiful traditional Japanese patterns and designs, you may also find them representing famous Japanese paintings such as The Great Wave of Kanagawa.