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Koinobori Traditional Black & White (S) Koinobori Traditional Black & White (S)
Koinobori Patchwork Red (M) Koinobori Patchwork Red (M)
Koinobori Ôshiro Blue (S) Koinobori Ôshiro Blue (S)
Koinobori Patchwork Black (M) Koinobori Patchwork Black (M)
Koinobori Orange Retro (S) Koinobori Orange Retro (S)
Koinobori Patchwork Mini Koinobori Patchwork Mini
Koinobori Traditional Orange (S) Koinobori Traditional Orange (S)
Koinobori Green & Pink Mini Koinobori Green & Pink Mini
Koinobori Traditional Black (M) Koinobori Traditional Black (M)
Koinobori Motif Shibori (S) Koinobori Motif Shibori (S)
Koinobori Traditional Blue (S) Koinobori Traditional Blue (S)
Koinobori Geisha (S) Koinobori Geisha (S)
Koinobori Dragon Tattoo (M) Koinobori Dragon Tattoo (M)
Koinobori Fish Tattoo (M) Koinobori Fish Tattoo (M)
Koinobori Traditional Anise (S) Koinobori Traditional Anise (S)
Koinobori Traditional Pink (S) Koinobori Traditional Pink (S)
Koinobori Traditional Red (S) Koinobori Traditional Red (S)
Koinobori Patchwork Prune (S) Koinobori Patchwork Prune (S)
Koinobori Patchwork fabric (S) Koinobori Patchwork fabric (S)
Koinobori Traditional Yellow (S) Koinobori Traditional Yellow (S)
Koinobori Petit Marin (S) Koinobori Petit Marin (S)
Koinobori Traditional Turquoise (M) Koinobori Traditional Turquoise (M)
Koinobori Arc - en - Ciel (S) Koinobori Arc - en - Ciel (S)
Koinobori Kimono Fleuri (S) Koinobori Kimono Fleuri (S)
Koinobori Vagues (M) Koinobori Vagues (M)
Koinobori Peacock pattern (S) Koinobori Peacock pattern (S)
Koinobori Carpe Koi (M) Koinobori Carpe Koi (M)
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Koinobori Sakura Mini Koinobori Sakura Mini

Welcome to the enchanting world of koinobori, where each piece tells a unique story. Dive into our collection of fabric koinobori, designed to embellish your home and capture the playful spirit of Japan.

Fabric Koinobori to Decorate Your Home

From traditional to whimsical koinobori, there's something for every taste. Whether you're looking for a piece steeped in Japanese symbolism or a more contemporary and bold version, our collection offers a variety of choices to suit your style and decor.

A Tradition Born from the Legend of Koi Carp

Each koinobori carries within it the essence of an ancient Chinese legend, where carp embark on an epic journey upstream of the Yellow River, braving obstacles to reach the "Dragon's Gate". Those that succeed in passing through this gate transform into dragons, while others return to the sea to try their luck again the following year.

Inspired by this tale of courage and resilience, our koinobori embody strength and determination, making each piece a work of art laden with symbolism and meaning.

Koinobori, the Children's Kite Fish

Every year, on May 5th, Japan celebrates Children's Day, known as Kodomo no Hi. On this special day, koinobori soar in the sky, carrying wishes of happiness, prosperity, and health for children. This age-old tradition, celebrated throughout Japan, is an opportunity to bring families together and impart values of courage and perseverance to future generations.

Giving a koinobori to a child is to perpetuate this beautiful tradition and wish them a radiant future, full of success and joy. Browse our collection to find the perfect koinobori as a newborn's perfect gift!