Furoshiki Wrapping

Furoshiki cloth: just a simple piece of Japanese fabric tied in an ancestral way of folding and knotting

The Japanese term furoshiki refers both to the technique of folding and knotting a fabric and to the squared piece of cloth which is used for this technique of packing and transporting personal belongings.

This traditional technique of wrapping objects with a cloth has been practiced in Japan for centuries. Japanese furoshiki was then used to pack personal belongings in a quick way as well as to wrap clothes in public baths in order to easily recognize them.

Furoshiki is available in different sizes and different fabrics. It can be either plain and sober, have magnificent Japanese patterns or show the colors and emblems of the family.

Regarding the size, you can find furoshiki cloth from 45 cm to 120 cm wide, always square shaped. Cotton furoshiki cloth was favored for carrying objects, while silk or satin furoshiki cloth was preferred for making pretty gift packages. Nowadays, many furoshiki are made from synthetic fabrics such as polyester, a silky material much cheaper than silk.

Different sizes of furoshiki cloth for various uses:

  • between 45 and 50 cm: ideal to wrap your bento box or small gifts such as books or chocolate boxes...
  • between 65 and 75 cm: the perfect size to wrap all kinds of gifts while leaving a maximum of possibilities in terms of folding and knotting. This size can also be used as a scarf or hair band.
  • between 90 and 100 cm: perfect for a hand, beach or sports bag. In order to carry heavier items such as groceries or bottles, opt for a resistant cotton fabric.
  • between 110 and 230 cm: used to wrap cushions, comforters and clothes before storing them in a closet.

Considering the over-consumption of plastic, Japanese furoshiki cloth is part of the environmental and ecological approach. Reusable and adaptable, this piece of fabric allows you to radically reduce the use of plastic bags.

As the holiday season approaches, consider this small eco-friendly gesture and replace your single-use gift wrap paper by a nice piece of fabric with Japanese prints. Thus, your packaging will be one of a kind, original and a gift itself!