Men's Kimono Jacket

The men's kimono jacket - the latest summer trend

In summer, the Western men's fashion is greatly inspired by the Japanese fashion, especially for the haori, kimono jackets with a straight fit and loose sleeves. Throughout the years, the haori has adapted to the current trends in order to provide a flowing and lightweight clothing item that is very pleasant to wear in all circumstances. Thus, you will find jackets either in cotton, a breathable fabric perfect for summer, or in synthetic fabrics to ensure vibrant colors.

Advantages of the kimono jacket? This jacket can be easily matched with any of your wardrobe basics. Thanks to its straight fit, it enhances all body types. Fashionable and timeless, this lightweight jacket is declined in many colors and Japanese prints. No doubt that you will find something to suit your taste!

Wear a kimono cardigan for men!

Combined with a pair of raw denim and a T-shirt, the men's kimono jacket can be worn on about all occasions.  Deliberately opened on a plain or graphic t-shirt, it replaces those annoying men's blouses. The oversized version is ideal to add that Japanese sporty touch to your style. Don't forget the pair of sneakers that will make the difference.

For a more formal outfit, opt for a long jacket that can be worn over a tank top and a pair of slim fit jeans. To transform a simple outfit into a stylish yet casual one, opt for the men's kimono jacket! Discover all the ready-to-wear men's fashion at Japan Avenue. Enjoy your shopping!