Traditional Japanese Kimono

Whether for an event, a Cosplay party or simply as a casual, relaxed weekend outfit, our Japanese Women Kimono collection will meet all your needs and expectations.

The Japanese Women Kimono, a traditional and elegant clothing item

The kimono for women represents the traditional Japanese costume par excellence. This Japanese garment is made of a large piece of fabric adorned with traditional Japanese patterns and which closes at the front by crossing the left side over the right side with a wide belt, known as the obi belt, which holds the garment in place. The sleeves are very large and long, reaching the ground in certain cases. The shoes worn with this traditional clothing tend to be the geta, a kind of sandals made of wood, along with Japanese tabi socks which separates the big toe from other toes.

In Japan, the long women's kimono refers to traditional clothing worn at special events such as tea ceremonies or weddings. During summer, the kimono are often replaced by the yukata, which is made of a lighter cotton fabric for greater comfort. 

For the Japanese culture enthusiasts, the long kimono or kimono dress will always remain trendy and perfect to wear for special occasions such as a party or a wedding. Although this clothing is straight fitted, the obi, a large belt, will mark the waist in order to highlight the curves of your silhouette while the long sleeves will bring lightness to the kimono.

Light, loose and pleasant to wear, the Japanese Women Kimono also makes an excellent indoor garment that can be worn as a nightgown or a bathrobe. With its floral prints, cherry blossoms, crane flights and Japanese landscapes printed on them, no reason not to be elegant, even just after bathing.

The Japanese women kimono may be worn for various occasions, creating many different looks. Textiles also cover a wide variety of fabrics, from polyester to silk satin. At times, they can be used as pajamas, bathrobes... or they can be cleverly worn as outstanding evening gowns. Some of you might be daring enough to wear the colorful kimonos, while others might prefer a more sober, black kimono. No matter your choice, the Japanese women kimono will perfectly highlight your feminine side.

Please note that the sizes of our kimonos for women corresponds to Asian sizes, therefore, it is important to carefully consult our size chart which can be found in each product description before placing your order.