Japanese tableware, somewhere between tradition and modernity

Japanese tableware is a true cultural heritage, combining respect for tradition and adaptation to the modern world.

Chopsticks are used in most Asian countries and have been used as cutlery since the dawn of time in the Land of the Rising Sun. Although their handling may seem complicated, Japanese chopsticks can be used for many purposes in the kitchen.

The bento box will allow you to change your eating habits and adopt a healthy and balanced lifestyle. From the traditional wooden bento box to the most complete assortment of bento boxes, you will surely find your happiness in our high quality lunchbox collection.

For those who love green tea, Japanese people are particularly fond of tea boxes to store their dried plants. Beautifully adorned, they ensure a long life to your tea while bringing a Japanese touch to your kitchen.

Lastly, to enhance your culinary preparations, Japanese dinnerware will be perfect. Delicate and refined, they will enhance your table plan in the blink of an eye.