Bento & Sushi Accessories

Our bento and sushi accessories will become indispensable elements in your kitchen.

For fans of washoku, or Japanese cuisine, the art of presentation is an integral part of Japanese culinary traditions. With our accessories and molds, you will become the king or the queen of sushi and impress all your friends. Simple, quick and easy to use, sushi molds allow you to make all kinds of sushi at a low cost. 

Bento boxes are commonly used in Japan and more and more in western countries. The lunch box allows you to take your own meal to work, school or on an outing. Bento kyaraben refers to the art of cutting and assembling bento food in order to create kawaii characters for eating. Usually, it is moms who prepare this kind of bento for their children's lunch, as a way of showing their love. 

Our bento accessories allow you to prepare rice balls in the shape of a cat, onigiri in the shape of a shell, sandwiches that look like bears' heads... You may even give life to pieces of fruits and vegetables by adding cartoon eyes to them.

You will realize that having your children eat healthy and balanced meals has never been so easy! Moreover, these Japanese molds are so user-friendly that you will have fun preparing the meal and sharing a special moment with your children.