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Kitsune Mask - Black
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Japanese Cat Mask - White and Red
Tengu Mask
Red Kitsune Fox Mask Red Kitsune Fox Mask
Kitsune Fox Mask Kitsune Fox Mask
Black Japanese Fox Mask
Traditional Japanese Fox Mask - Black
Namahage Mask
Traditional Japanese Fox Mask - White
Kitsune Mask - White
Japanese Cat Mask - Black and Red
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Oni Mask
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Japanese Fox Mask - Gold
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Japanese Cat Mask - Black and Purple
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Hannya Face Mask
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Traditional Japanese Mask Agyo
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Evil Japanese Fox Mask
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Kitsune Mask - Red
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Japanese Fox Mask - Blue and White
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Japanese Cat Mask - Black and White

In Japan, the mask culture is almost omnipresent. Originally, wearing masks made its apparition in specific art forms, such as in the Noh theater. These days, Japanese masks can be found in traditional arts, festivals and pop-culture as well ( such as the famous No Face in the sublime animated fantasy film Spirited Away).

The most popular traditional Japanese masks

The masks used in Noh theater allow actors to step into the background and make room for their characters. Depending on the light and shadows, the facial expression of the mask can vary in order to create a whole range of feelings for the character.

Among the most famous Japanese masks, we find the Tengu Japanese demon mask with its long phallic nose; the Hannya mask, the demonic woman that returns for revenge; the Kitsune mask, the magical Japanese fox; and many other masks inspired by the terrifying armor of the samurai.

The Japanese masks you will find in our collection can be used either as a disguise accessory for a Cosplay event, a fancy dress party or to celebrate Halloween. It is also possible to use these masks as decorative objects. Placed on a shelf or hung on the wall, the traditional Japanese mask is ideal to create a Japanese atmosphere in your home.

The masuku, also known as Japanese anti-pollution mouth masks

As you walk through the streets of Tokyo, you will be surprised by the number of Japanese people wearing cloth masks on their faces. Wearing a mask is a common practice on the archipelago, and the population did not wait for a worldwide epidemic before adopting it.

Although the masuku does not replace disposable surgical masks, it still provides protection against pollution, fine particles or microbes. The Japanese being very respectful, will wear a mask themselves when they have the flu to prevent splashes. The masuku is washable and therefore reusable indefinitely.

In addition to its use as individual protection, the Japanese mouth mask also is a real fashion phenomenon in the Asian world. Infinitely customizable, the mouth mask is a new support to express your personality. Whether with a discreet pattern or a kawaii mouth, you will find the Japanese mask that suits your personal style. Wearing a mask in order to protect yourself from dust and slow down the spread of disease has never been so fashionable!

Our fabric masks are 100% cotton. Soft and breathable, they are pleasant to wear, without risk of irritation of the skin, and they perfectly cover the nose and mouth.