Japanese Pajamas

The jinbei, Japanese pajamas for staying elegant, even at home

Nothing like a Japanese pajamas for women to stay fresh and elegant, even at home! The delicate pattern and the silky fabric will sublimate your femininity.

After a long day at work, picture yourself leaving your work clothes behind while slipping into an elegant silk Jinbei Japanese pajamas. The soft and satiny fabric is a real pleasure for the skin. The ribbon belt is ideal to close the night gown while marking the waist. If you are in a playful mood, do not hesitate to wear your Jinbei open on pretty lingerie or a lace babydoll. For a cozy evening, wear it over your nightgown or pajama pants.

As soon as you get out of bed, your Japanese pajama wraps you in comfort while bringing that glamorous touch that will change the way you see yourself. You will feel beautiful, sexy and feminine and there is nothing that will prevent you from doing so. You will also like to wear this pretty satin bathrobe after the shower.

Do not wait any longer and replace your old bathrobe with a polyester satin Jinbei pajamas. With this soft and comfortable sleepwear, you can be sure to sleep well. Floral prints will bring some softness in your everyday life.