Japanese Obi Belt

The Obi belt, an inseparable accessory of the Japanese kimono

The traditional Japanese obi belt plays an important role when wearing Japanese clothes: it is used to keep the kimono or yukata in place. In addition, the obi is considered as a true jewel in the Japanese culture. Its fabric, patterns and colors must be carefully chosen in order to create the most beautiful contrast with the kimono's fabric.

Japan Avenue proposes various types of Japanese Obi belts. You can find the traditional version to complete your kimono or yukata, as well as a more modern version to be worn with either a traditional or a western outfit.

Our traditional obi belts are equipped with a Velcro band to facilitate fastening and to easily adjust the belt to your size. For women, the Obi is equipped with a very nice bow tie that can be placed on the belt at the back side. For men, the belt features a traditional men's bow that has already been tied.

To adopt the Japanese style on a daily basis while staying trendy, our women's Obi belt is a true must-have fashion accessory. Whether worn over a shirt, a tunic or a high waist skirt, this large belt knows how to sublimate and highlight your silhouette. To give a second youth to a long dress, add a nice obi belt that will mark your waist and reveal your curves. Choose your obi with a nice and elegant Japanese pattern and you will achieve the ultimate chic and sophisticated Japanese look!