But who's behind Japan Avenue?

Today, it's a team of 9 people who do their utmost to offer you the best. The best products at the right price, the best discoveries about Japanese culture and the best possible customer experience.

Marketing Manager

If you've discovered us, it's surely thanks to him.

Product Manager

She's the one who finds the hidden treasures and the best Japanese products.

International Manager

With the help of her team, she develops the store internationally.


She helps you discover Japanese culture through her carefully written blog articles.

Tess & Patrick
Customer Service Managers

They're here to help and support you throughout your experience with us.


He prepares your orders with love and dispatches them as quickly as possible from our storage warehouse.


She develops the store internationally.


She develops the store internationally.

Our history in a few dates

Japan Avenue is above all a human adventure that wouldn't exist without you.

September 2018

A passion for e-commerce gives birth to the Japan Avenue online store. The journey begins!

July 2021

The 100,000 monthly visitor milestone is passed. Your warm support inspires us to keep going!

January 3rd 2022

A memorable date when the 10,000ᵉ order is placed (thanks Régis!). Each package is prepared with love.

June 2022

We expand, with a new warehouse that allows us to better meet your needs.