Japanese accessories for all fans of Japan

Looking for Japanese accessories to perfect your Japanese style? You are at the right place. You'll find everything you need to complete your outfit inspired by the land of the Rising Sun right here.

All kind of Japanese fans

Plain or with floral print, in plastic or bamboo, silk fabric or Japanese paper, round or classic, there is something for all tastes and desires. Essential accessory to fight against heat with elegance, the Japanese folding fan can be easily slipped into your handbag in order to follow you everywhere.

For a party, a ceremony or a wedding, select one that matches your dress and it will become a real fashion accessory besides being practical.

The Obi Belt for men and women

What would the kimono be without its obi belt? This clothing item plays an important role when wearing a Japanese kimono. It allows to maintain the kimono or the yukata closed, but that' s not all. The obi belt is often adorned with sumptuous patterns, and is considered as a real treasure that brings the final touch to your outfit.

At Japan Avenue, you will find obi belts for men and women, traditional and modern styles and easy to wear.

Japanese bags with pretty, traditional prints

Want to wear a discreet Japanese style on a daily basis? Accessorize your outfit with a pretty Japanese bag. The kinchaku bag or the knot bag are very beautiful and original handbags.

For carrying more stuff, choose a Japanese tote bag with a nice Japanese pattern. Either with a reproduction print or a maneki neko design, you have the choice. To go to school, to the gym or to the beach, it will accompany you all day long... Stylish, economical and ecological!

Modern and traditional Japanese masks

From traditional Japanese theater to pop culture, the mask culture is very much present in Japan. Our collection of Japanese masks includes both traditional masks, to be worn during festivals, and face masks made of anti-pollution fabric to be worn on a daily basis.

The most popular traditional masks are often featuring famous yokai, such as the Kitsune fox, the Hannya ghost or the Tengu demon. These masks are perfect as a disguise accessory for a Cosplay event or a fancy dress party.

Cloth masks, or masuku, are part of the everyday life of many Japanese people. Used to protect themselves from pollution, pollen or microbes in the air, they also serve as a fashion accessory for youth.

Tabi socks for every need and taste

The tabi socks are typical of Japan and have a funny shape, separating the big toe from the others. This is due to the daily wearing of geta or zori - traditional Japanese shoes with straps.

Many Westerners now wear these two-finger Japanese socks. Why? For their many health benefits for the feet. The tabi are known to stimulate blood circulation, regulate perspiration and improve body posture. However, if you are not enthusiastic about this concept of separating the toes, you can still opt for a pair of normal Japanese socks with a nice kawaii pattern. Real must haves for all Japan enthusiasts.

Beautiful furoshiki fabrics for gift wrapping

Have you ever heard about the art of furoshiki? This technique, which originates from Japan, consists in using a piece of cloth to pack your belongings. There are various methods of folding and knotting in order to pack all kinds of objects. Original, economical and ecological, the furoshiki fabric has been embraced by Westerners for beautiful gift wrapping.

The furoshiki fabrics available on Japan Avenue are adorned with beautiful Japanese patterns. Thus, it is also perfectly possible to divert their first use and make them a unique and original fashion accessory. Scarf, hair band, fabric knotted on the handbag, cushion cover... It's up to you!