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Japanese Lantern Lamp 25 cm Japanese Lantern Lamp 25 cm

Once used as the only source of light in Japan, the Japanese lantern has become a decorative item that is still very present in Japanese decor.

The Japanese lantern for a zen and subdued atmosphere

Create a Zen and subdued atmosphere in your home with our Japanese washi paper lamps. This Japanese paper, made from mulberry tree fiber, is soft, strong and resistant to folds and tears. Embellished with Japanese patterns such as cherry blossoms or bamboo shoots, the Japanese paper ball lantern is a very beautiful piece of decoration either for hanging on the ceiling or as a lampshade. You can also hang these lanterns on tree branches to create your own Zen garden for summer. The red version is the most typical Japanese lantern and can still be found in front of shops and sake bars in Japanese cities. With this red lantern hanging in your kitchen, bedroom or living room, you will definitely feel as if you are in the land of the rising sun.

Japanese lanterns to light up your home

There are various types of Japanese lamps but the most emblematic of the Land of the Rising Sun remains the chôchin.  This Japanese lantern is recognizable by its spiral-shaped bamboo structure on which is stretched paper or silk. Originally from China, Japanese adapted it to their culture by providing it with the ability to be folded together like an accordion for easy storage. White lanterns with black or red lettering are generally used as illuminated signboards in front of stores in Japanese cities. Red Japanese lanterns, called Aka, are traditionally hung in front of taverns or sake bars. These lanterns are also used during religious rituals or hung in front of temples. 

A Japanese paper lamp for creating a Zen atmosphere

The paper lamp has become the essential interior decoration item for creating a Japanese atmosphere in your home. Suspended on the ceiling or placed on a table, it will warmly light up your kitchen, dining room or bedroom. Easy to assemble, inexpensive and with a traditional yet contemporary design! Nowadays, new models exist, featuring metal structures that replaced the bamboo ones and with different shapes, such as the Japanese ball lamp.

In summer, these Japanese paper lamps with bamboo or cherry blossom patterns are a very nice garden decoration. With a few paper lanterns as outdoor lighting, you will create a nice Japanese garden where it feels good to relax as night falls.

If you wish to create a Zen decor, it is extremely important to not neglect the lighting. An interior decoration that adopts the Zen attitude is primarily composed of soft and diffused light, somewhat subdued, which does not disturb the eyes. To do so, simply cover the suspended light bulb with a pretty Japanese lantern. For even more originality, it is possible to build a nice decorative and luminous garland, a great way to combine decorative objects and lighting fixtures.