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Kanzashi Hair Stick - Peony Kanzashi Hair Stick - Peony
Kanzashi Flower Kanzashi Flower
Japanese Kanzashi Hair - Tassel Japanese Kanzashi Hair - Tassel
Japanese Kanzashi - Yellow Petals Japanese Kanzashi - Yellow Petals
Japanese Hair Clip Japanese Hair Clip
Kanzashi Barrette Flower Kanzashi Barrette Flower
Japanese flower hair clip Japanese flower hair clip
Kanzashi Sakura Kanzashi Sakura
Kanzashi Usagi Kanzashi Usagi
Kanzashi Flowers & Crane Kanzashi Flowers & Crane
Japanese Hair Flowers Japanese Hair Flowers
Flower Kanzashi Pin Flower Kanzashi Pin
Japanese Kanzashi Pink Fan Japanese Kanzashi Pink Fan
Japanese Hair Pin Stick - Blue Fan Japanese Hair Pin Stick - Blue Fan
Japanese Kanzashi Red Fan Japanese Kanzashi Red Fan
Japanese Hair Pin - Red Origami Japanese Hair Pin - Red Origami
Modern Japanese Hair Pin - Blue Origami Modern Japanese Hair Pin - Blue Origami
Japanese Hair Piece - Pink Origami Japanese Hair Piece - Pink Origami
Japanese Kanzashi Red Crane Japanese Kanzashi Red Crane
Kanzashi Hairpin Sakura Kanzashi Hairpin Sakura
Kanzashi Hair Pin Kanzashi Hair Pin
Kanzashi Japanese Origami Black Kanzashi Japanese Origami Black
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Wooden Kanzashi - Black Flower Wooden Kanzashi - Black Flower
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Wooden Kanzashi - Red Flower Wooden Kanzashi - Red Flower
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Wooden Kanzashi - Turquoise Flower Wooden Kanzashi - Turquoise Flower

Kanzashi : the sublime Japanese hair pin

Style your hair with elegance with the kanzashi. This Japanese hair jewel known for its beauty offers a particularly refined style. It is a stylish way to dress up your hair for an evening, a special occasion or for everyday use.

What is a kanzashi?

If you love Japanese culture, you may have already noticed these beautiful ornaments in the hair of maiko (geisha apprentices). The kanzashi is a traditional beauty accessory that has been adorning Japanese women's hair for thousands of years.

This head jewelry decorated with flowers, pearls or butterflies is made of different materials such as metal, lacquered wood, precious stones, silk or paper. Traditionally, each piece is handmade, which makes it a unique and highly appreciated piece of jewelry.

In addition, tsumami zaiku is a handicraft technique of folding small squares of fabric into petal shapes and assembling them to create flowers and other designs. This method has been used since the Edo period to make kanzashi and other ornaments.

A Japanese hair accessory

During the Jomon era, spikes were used to ward off evil spirits. Later on, the kanzashi was used to designate all the ornaments that can be pinned in the hair such as pins, chopsticks or combs. The Edo period marked a real turning point for this Japanese pin which wonderfully decorated the most elaborate hairstyles. Note that kanzashi with a long stem are also a discreet weapon for self-defense.

Kanzashi: for what occasions?

In Japan, these elegant hair pieces are traditionally worn with a kimono. They gracefully adorn the buns of brides, maiko and geishas.

Today, this jewel is appreciated by all women who wish to add a refined touch to their hairstyle. The simple models are easy to wear on a daily basis while the more elaborate kanzashi are reserved for special occasions such as traditional ceremonies and festivals.

If you are invited to a wedding or a fancy event, exchange your barrettes with this pretty Japanese hair pick that will be your ally to sublimate your hairstyle in the blink of an eye. Depending on its size, style and shape, it will fit either a traditional Japanese hairstyle or a more contemporary one.

How to wear this Japanese hair jewel?

This hair pin enhances any Japanese or Western hairstyle like buns, ponytails or loose hair... You can also use it to enhance a more sophisticated hairstyle. For a traditional Japanese look, wear it with a high bun or a geisha hairstyle. The ultimate touch to pair with a kimono or yukata!

Did you know that geishas and maiko have a custom of adapting their hair pins according to the seasons? Thus, the patterns, flowers and ornaments are chosen depending on the season.

In spring, kanzashi are made in soft and blooming colors like pink, white and green. Patterns of peach blossoms, rapeseed, cherry blossoms (sakura) or wisteria are very common as well as the butterflies.

In summer we can find fans, lotus flowers, hydrangea or sunflowers and willow. Red, yellow and blue represent the energy and vitality of the summer season.

Autumn kanzashi are often dressed with bluebells, maple leaves, chrysanthemums, ginko or mochibana at the end of the year. Warm tones like red, orange and yellow are typical of the season.

In Winter, we find patterns of plum blossoms, camellias, narcissus with darker tones like dark red, purple and black. In the first month of the year, the shōchikubai pattern is very popular!

Types of kanzachi

  • The flower kanzashi that adorn the hairstyles of maiko are called hana kanzashi. These hair jewelry pieces may have drooping or non-dropping chains. They are worn in pairs.
  • The tsumami kanzashi is made with folded fabric in the shape of flowers or butterflies, for example.
  • The tama kanzashi is the Japanese bun pick made of a rod ending with a ball or a colored bead. It can be green or red depending on the season and it often complements other hair accessories.
  • The bira-bira kanzashi is a hair jewel with hanging elements such as metal bands or cascading flower chains.
  • The kogai kanzashi is a Japanese rod with a decoration at each end. The object is supposed to represent a sword and its scabbard. It is often sold with a kushi.
  • The kushi kanzashi is a Japanese comb used to hold hair in place. This accessory decorated with gilding or patterns can be made of lacquer, tortoise shell or lacquered wood.
  • The ogi kanzashi is the hair pin used for wedding hairstyles. It is decorated with a fan and falling chains. It is also the hair accessory carried by maiko.
  • The dome kanono kanzashi adorned with semi-precious stones and noble materials embellishes the wareshinobu bun of the young maiko.

The ultimate beauty accessory for your hair

Whether you are a fan of geisha hairstyles, Japanese fashion or simply looking for a unique and elegant hair accessory, the Japanese kanzashi is an excellent choice for enhancing your hair.