Men's Japanese Kimono

Are you looking for a traditional kimono or Japanese style pyjamas to be relaxed at home? Browse through our collection of men's Japanese kimono and you will find what you're looking for, starting from the most sober clothing to most advanced Japanese patterns.

The men's Japanese kimono, between custom and comfort

The men's kimono is a traditional Japanese clothing worn for important occasions such as wedding ceremonies, religious rituals and festivals. This clothing is made of a large T-shaped fabric, privileged support for the Japanese artistic expression. Very comfortable, the men's kimono has been adopted by Westerners both as an elegant indoor outfit and as a dressing gown. Perfect for a disguised night out or a Cosplay costume, the men's Japanese kimono remains a timeless essential to look like a real Samurai.

When you want to wear it "Japanese style", you must close the kimono while crossing the left side on the right side and hold it in place with a wide obi belt. On the shoe side, the Japanese kimono is usually worn with geta, a sort of raised wooden sandals on two platforms. In order to avoid cold feet, don't forget your pair of Japanese finger socks, the tabi. Usually made of silk satin, the kimono is replaced by a cotton yukata as soon as the sunny days arrive, a kind of traditional clothing that is more comfortable and lighter.

You will find these comfortable traditional clothing with long or short sleeves and in different textiles, such as polyester to cotton and thick linen mixtures. Japanese men can wear this loose fitting clothing on several occasions, both as a bathrobe after a bath and as an outfit to practice martial arts.

In our collection of men's Japanese kimonos, you will find a wide choice of prints, with geometric patterns or dragon representations. If you want to be sure to choose the right size, just think to consult our size guide in each product description.