Japanese Fan

Plain or with a floral pattern, silk fabric or Japanese paper, plastic or bamboo, to decorate your home or to freshen up in summer ... This collection of Japanese fans has something for all tastes and desires.

The Japanese fan, a sophisticated fashion accessory from the Land of the Rising Sun

The Japanese fan is, by far, the most traditional accessory in Japan. Many tourists return from their trip to the Land of the Rising Sun with one or more fans in their luggage.

There are two types of fans in Japan, the uchiwa and the ogi (or sensu). The uchiwa is an oval, round or square fan with a fixed handle that cannot be folded.

The folding fan, called ogi, is a Japanese invention of the 7th century. The legend tells that a peasant would have conceived this object after observing the folding and unfolding wings of a bat.

Although the fan certainly is an object of daily use in order to freshen up on hot days, it is above all an object deeply rooted in the Japanese culture. It can be found in various traditional arts such as Japanese kabuki theater, traditional nihon buyĂŽ dance, and the humorous narrative art rakugo. Besides, using the fan reminds us of the geisha, a true master in Japanese art.

The Japanese folding fan, your best ally in summer

The Japanese folding fan is usually made of a silk fabric or Japanese paper and has a bamboo structure.

The small size fan will definitely become your favorite ally against summer heat. Simply slide it into your handbag and unfold it anytime you need to enjoy a refreshing moment.

With its colorful and floral Japanese patterns, it becomes a real fashion accessory that can be matched with your summer dress or your kimono. The cherry blossom or sakura patterned fans will be perfect accessories for parties and weddings.

And for the most creative ones, opt for the paper fan to be personalized. Pick a plain color fan and let your imagination run wild by customizing it with some ink. Your fan will be absolutely unique, a great gift idea to give to your friends or on Mother's Day.

Lastly, the great Japanese style wooden fans are perfect as decorative objects.