Japanese men's clothing from head to toe

For quite some time now, Japanese fashion has been reaching its worldwide audience, and it keeps growing every year. Between tradition and modernity, the land of the Rising Sun has plenty to offer. From traditional Japanese clothing to the modern style of Harajuku, you will find what you need at Japan Avenue. 

Opt for traditional Japanese men's clothing

The kimono is the Japanese garment of choice of incomparable beauty. With its T shape and its long and straight fit, it has the advantage of being suitable for all body types. Elegant and comfortable at the same time, the Kimono is very pleasant to wear. If you're looking for an indoor garment, focus on the yukata. This less formal version of the kimono has a lighter fabric. In summer or right after showering, you will appreciate its soft touch on your skin. 

No Kimono without the geta... These Japanese wooden sandals are very comfortable, despite the image we may have of them. Raised on two teeth or with a flat sole, these Japanese wooden shoes are perfect to replace your old, plastic flip-flops. The geta are ecological and durable. Moreover, they oblige to slow down and take time to enjoy the little things in life. 

Discover our Japanese men's clothing for a streetwear look

If you're not too much of a traditional type, our Asian streetwear collections will meet your needs. Hoodies, cotton t-shirts with japanese prints or typical japanese pants, you will find something to renew your wardrobe. Men's fashion for everyday wear!

The haori jacket, traditionally worn over the kimono, has been reinvented throughout the years in order to offer a trendy, flowing and lightweight jacket. Sublimated by many Japanese prints, the men's haori will add color to your wardrobe. With its short sleeves and straight fit, the kimono jacket can be matched with all your basics: a pair of jeans, a t-shirt, some sneakers, and you'll be relooked in Harajuku fashion! For a more casual outfit, prefer a jogging suit and an oversized t-shirt.