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Men’s Jinbei - Yukata Men’s Jinbei - Yukata M
Jinbei Clothing Traditional M Jinbei Clothing Traditional
Japanese Jinbei Outfit M Japanese Jinbei Outfit
Men’s Jinbei Set Men’s Jinbei Set
Cotton Jinbei Seigaiha Cotton Jinbei Seigaiha
Jinbei Clothing for Men Jinbei Clothing for Men
Mens Cotton Jinbei Mens Cotton Jinbei
Men’s Traditional Japanese Jinbei - Blue Koi Fish M Men’s Traditional Japanese Jinbei - Blue Koi Fish
Men’s Jinbei Outfit - Striped Koi Carp M Men’s Jinbei Outfit - Striped Koi Carp
Samue Japanese Clothing - Black Samue Japanese Clothing - Black M
Japanese Samue - Blue M Japanese Samue - Blue
Samue Clothing - Black M Samue Clothing - Black
Samue Clothes - Blue M Samue Clothes - Blue
Men’s Kimono Bathrobe Men’s Kimono Bathrobe Black / M
Japanese Style Kimono Pajamas Japanese Style Kimono Pajamas White / M
Men’s Kimono Pajamas Men’s Kimono Pajamas Blue / S
Japanese Pajamas Jinbei Green / M Japanese Pajamas Jinbei Grey / M
Kimono Pajamas Men M Kimono Pajamas Men
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Cotton Jinbei - Men Cotton Jinbei - Men M
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Men’s Jinbei Clothing - Black Koi Carp M Men’s Jinbei Clothing - Black Koi Carp
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Traditional Men’s Jinbei Blue/White Striped / M Traditional Men’s Jinbei Black/White Striped / M
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Japanese Kimono Pajamas for Men Blue / S Japanese Kimono Pajamas for Men
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Men’s Jinbei Kimono - Blue Color M Men’s Jinbei Kimono - Blue Color
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Men’s Japanese Jinbei - White Color M Men’s Japanese Jinbei - White Color

The jinbei, a must have Japanese pajamas!

As a traditional Japanese garment, the jinbei is composed of a short-sleeved jacket and shorts. Contrary to the yukata, the jinbei jacket does not need a belt to close. All you need to do is to tie two bonds together on the side, by crossing the left side over the right side. The shorts have an elasticated waist, with or without drawstring, allowing them to adapt to all body types with the greatest comfort. Generally, the jinbei is made of cotton, linen or hemp fabric.

Traditionally, the jinbei is mostly masculine, with a sober color and fine vertical stripes. These days, a wide variety of jinbei exists, featuring more colorful fabrics in different fabrics, for men as well as for women and children.

The cotton jinbei, a much appreciated Japanese summer garment

Comfortable and casual, the jinbei is the ultimate homewear. Originally worn only indoors, these Japanese pajamas have now also found their place outdoors, especially in summer. Thanks to its fit, which allows the body to breathe, the jinbei is a very popular Japanese summer garment. Very pleasant to wear on very hot days.

In order to wear your jinbei according the standards, change your slippers by a pair of geta or zori. Once you''ve put them on, you won't want to leave them. All Japan enthusiasts should have a jinbei in their wardrobe. With its straight fit, it suits all body types and offers an outfit that is both elegant and relaxed.

In winter, continue to wear your jinbei by slipping a cotton t-shirt under the jacket. There are also versions available with pants instead of shorts, or thick, warm and cozy cotton jinbei. It' s up to you to make your choice!