Japanese Stationery

From the washi paper sheet ideal for origami to the perfect kawaii notepad to write down little words to your loved ones: our collection of Japanese stationery includes all kinds of papers, stickers and adhesive tapes for card making and scrapbooking.

Washi, the art of Japanese paper

Traditional Japanese paper, or washi, is made from natural fibers mainly from the paper mulberry tree, the kōzo. This paper with long intertwined fibers has been made by hand since more than 1300 years and is known for its flexibility, strength and longevity. Thanks to its high resistance to folding and tearing, Japanese washi paper is often used for origami folding, bookbinding or card-making. In addition, this Japanese paper has a wide variety of patterns and colors. Inspired by nature and the world around us, the patterns are often floral or graphic and can also represent animals or characters.

Origami, the Japanese art of paper folding

The art of origami is based on paper folding techniques that first appeared in Japan a long time ago. Originally, the first origami paper folds were made during religious rituals to wrap offerings made to the gods. Origami stems from the origata tradition of folding as a sign of courtesy within samurai families, for example to make gift envelopes for weddings. With the popularization of Japanese washi paper, origami spread throughout Japan and then all over the world. Nowadays, the art of origami, or transforming simple squares of paper into animals, birds, flowers... continues to fascinate young and old alike. The crane origami is considered a masterpiece of this art of folding. The crane is a lucky animal that symbolizes peace and longevity. A legend says that "whoever folds a thousand paper cranes will have their wish granted".