Luxe Sensu Japanese pen
Luxe Sensu Japanese pen
Luxe Sensu Japanese pen

Sensu Pen

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Maki-e Luxury Japanese Pen with Golden Lacquer Sensu Design

Maki-e is an ancient and revered traditional Japanese art form. This intricate technique involves creating designs by sprinkling gold or silver powder onto wet urushi, a natural lacquer. Exemplifying precision and craftsmanship, this Japanese pen is adorned with raised Yamanaka lacquer. Its design, deeply rooted in Japanese heritage, portrays fans, known as "sensu." Presented in an elegant gift box, this Japanese pen serves as a splendid and thoughtful gift choice!


  • Gift box with ballpoint pen
  • Gold embossed Yamanaka lacquer
  • Pen length: 13.5 cm
  • Material: acrylic resin
  • Made in Japan