Japanese women's clothing to complete your wardrobe

From the traditional kimono to the oversized t-shirt, the kimono pajamas to the cozy hoodie, the modern Japanese dress to the pair of wooden geta ... You will find what you are looking for at Japan Avenue. Go for a different style inspired by Japanese fashion, whether modern or traditional, and feel good in your clothes!

The elegance of traditional Japanese women's clothing

Everyone remembers the elegant and refined image of the geisha. An emblematic symbol of Japan, this woman handles Japanese arts to perfection, while radiating an incomparable presence wearing a kimono. Slip into the skin of these women for a moment thanks to our wide selection of traditional Japanese kimonos. With their straight fit and T-shape, these garments are suitable for all body types. The obi belt will gracefully mark your silhouette. Available in many colors and prints, you will surely find one that suits you. 

Looking for a comfortable indoor garment? Stay feminine with a beautiful satin or polyester fabric kimono pajama. Soft and lightweight, these pajamas will be absolutely pleasant for your skin. 

Japanese women's clothing for everyday wear

If you rather look for Japanese style clothing for everyday wear, you will certainly find what you are looking for in our kimono jackets or Japanese dresses collections. The kimono jacket for women, flowing and lightweight, is a real must-have summer garment. It can be easily worn over a top and a pair of shorts. As for the Japanese dress, halfway between tradition and modernity, it offers a fresh and elegant outfit, perfect to go to the office or to stroll around on vacation.

For a comfortable streetwear look, go for an oversized t-shirt or a hoodie with a Japanese print. Originating from the men's wardrobe, these two wardrobe essentials have the advantage of matching all basics, this garment can be worn on all occasions and fit all body types.