Red Obi Belt Tsuru

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A red obi belt with Tsuru print, a traditional Japanese pattern

This red obi belt is very stylish with its modern design and traditional Japanese crane and plant print. The Japanese crane is a very important bird in Japan, symbolizing peace and longevity but it is also an icon of grace and elegance.

Whatever your shape or size, if the obi belt is well positioned, it will enhance your figure. This piece of fabric to be tied will become an essential accessory of your wardrobe.

  • Material: thick and rigid cotton
  • Cords to tie at each end of the belt
  • Length of each cord: 100 cm
  • Total length of the belt: 263 - 265 cm
Size Waist circumference (cm) Belt height (cm)
S 63 8
M 64 10
L 65 12