Sushi Mold

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The sushi mold for delicious homemade sushi

Always dreamed of making delicious Japanese sushi at home? But the rice sticks to your fingers or the rice balls crumble and don't hold...

With this simple and efficient sushi mold, you will be able to prepare great looking Japanese sushi and impress your friends! Simply fill the mold with sushi rice and press the handle to release your uniform and compact rice cylinder. The inner wall of the mold has been designed to prevent the rice from sticking and to ensure that the mold is easy to remove. Cover the rice with a thin slice of fresh fish, shrimp or avocado and you're all set. Enjoy your meal!

  • Long, comfortable handle
  • Non-stick inner side
  • Fabric: food safe and non-toxic plastic
  • Mold size: 16 cm long x 2.8 cm wide
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