Kokeshi Blossom doll

Kokeshi Doll - Blossom

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Wooden kokeshi doll with kimono and cherry blossom design

Behold the grace of this wooden kokeshi doll, elegantly dressed in a crimson kimono adorned with bountiful sakura blossoms. Its gentle, well-rounded contours are a visual delight, inviting admiration. With its soft and delicate appearance, this kokeshi doll is a perfect addition to your shelf, desk, or chest of drawers

In the Edo period, kokeshi dolls were crafted to convey wishes for healing, abundant harvests, and robust health for children. Today, this decorative masterpiece is given as a heartfelt gesture to bestow upon your loved ones abundant happiness and well-being.


  • Material : wood (dogwood)
  • Height: 13 cm
  • Handcrafted in Japan