Kokeshi Shiawase doll
Kokeshi Shiawase doll
Kokeshi Shiawase doll

Kokeshi Doll - Shiawase

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Round kokeshi doll for joy and good fortune

This distinctive kokeshi doll boasts its signature round shape and a charming, beaming countenance. Each wooden doll is painstakingly hand-painted, and its floral motif beautifully symbolizes the bloom of plum blossoms during the early spring season. The Japanese term "shiawase" encapsulates sentiments of happiness, joy, and good fortune, often expressed through phrases like "o shiawase ni!" meaning "all the best." This finely handcrafted creation serves as a wonderful, heartfelt gift, fitting for occasions such as weddings, symbolizing the wish for enduring happiness and prosperity.


  • Material : wood (dogwood)
  • Height : 7 cm
  • Handcrafted in Japan