Kokeshi Hanami doll
Kokeshi Hanami doll

Kokeshi Doll - Hanami

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Kokeshi doll with red kimono and black obi belt

The kokeshi doll is a living testament to the ancestral craftsmanship that has evolved across generations. Straddling the fine line between tradition and modernity, this art form infuses wood with the exquisite finesse synonymous with Japanese culture. The wood employed in the creation of these dolls is sourced from the mountains of Gunma prefecture, playing a vital role in the rejuvenating cycle of the forest. This delicate dance between heritage and innovation not only perpetuates an age-old tradition but also nurtures the rebirth of the surrounding natural environment.

In the Edo period, kokeshi were made to express wishes for healing, good harvests and good health for children. Today, this decorative object is offered to wish your loved ones happiness and blessings.


  • Material: wood (dogwood and cherry)
  • Height: 15.5 cm
  • Handcrafted in Japan