Green Tea Incense
Green Tea Incense
Green Tea Incense
Green Tea Incense

Green Tea Incense

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Made in Japan
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Green tea scented Japanese incense cone

Treat yourself to a revitalizing and refreshing break with this matcha green tea scented Japanese incense. One box contains 10 premium quality green tea incense cones made with natural ingredients for a unique scenting experience. Let the subtle, earthy scent of matcha green tea envelop you, bringing you deep relaxation and connecting you to Japanese nature.


  • Scent: green matcha tea
  • Incense holder included: no
  • Composition: sandalwood, essential oils
  • Number of incense cones: 10
  • Origin: made in Japan

Precautions : Light the cone in an incense burner or a heat-resistant container. Avoid using flammable materials near the cone. Make sure the flame is completely extinguished after lighting the cone.