Onigiri Mold Set - Sea Animals


Cute sea molds for making delicious onigiri

How not to melt in front of this adorable onigiri mold set with the shape of a shell, a crab or an otter?

Onigiri are a kind of rice sandwich appreciated by Japanese people and particularly rooted in the Japanese culinary tradition. Best known in its triangular shape, onigiri consists of a rice ball filled with a salty or sour filling, such as grilled salmon or umeboshi, a small dried plum that is very salty.

These molds in the shape of sea animals make it possible to prepare original onigiri that are pleasing to the eye, in addition to the pleasure of tasting them. They are perfect for children - but also for adults who have not lost their childish soul - and they also have the power to transform a bento box into a cute little sea world.


    • The set contains: a shell mold, a crab mold, an otter mold, a cutter, a small cutting board
    • Temperature resistance from -20°C to about 100°C
    • Fabric: healthy and non-toxic PP plastic
    • The molds will also find other functions in your kitchen: omelet, cake, chocolate...
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