Top 22 Japanese Gift ideas: What to give to a Japan Lover?

gifts for japan lovers
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Need inspiration on gifts for Japan lovers?

To surprise a close friend or family member, we can spend hours and hours looking for the perfect gift, which is not always easy.  Your special friend loves Japan? Offer him or her a Japanese gift that reminds of the Japanese culture! You can be sure he or she will be touched by your attention, and that's something priceless. 💰

Whether he or she is passionate about Japanese culture, the kawaii universe or the modern Japanese lifestyle, you will find plenty of inspiration in this article. 👇


Here is our top 22 Japanese Gifts to offer to a Japan lover!

1. A Japanese gift box - the perfect idea!

Looking for a unique gift for a Japan fan? Want to share your passion with someone close to you? The Japanese Gift Box is just what you need! Choose the theme that's sure to please (Maneki Neko, Daruma, Stationery, Bento Kyaraben...) and slip the Box under the Christmas tree. Smiles guaranteed when unwrapping!

japanese gift box

2. A Japanese Snack Box for food lovers

The Japanese Snack Box takes your taste buds to the other side of the world! Ideal for discovering a little more of Japanese culture through a selection of sweet Japanese snacks combining tradition and modernity. You'll find the unmissable mochi, delicious matcha tea-flavored Pocky, a crispy fish-shaped cookie, original chewing gums and, of course, the surprising KitKat with its original flavors. A box to share (or not) that's sure to please!

japanese snack box

3. Beautiful Japanese tableware, the lifestyle gift

To all the lovers of Asian cuisine, offer them genuine Japanese tableware! Refined and elegant, this is the Japanese craftsmanship that invites itself on the table. In Japan, the beauty of the dishes and culinary preparations is as important as the taste and flavors. This is why Japanese tableware is often considered a true work of art.

From teacups to rice bowls to sushi sets, you are bound to find the right tableware that will please your loved ones. Discover our collection of dinnerware coming straight from Japan.

japanese dinnerware collection

4. The Japanese chopstick case, the useful gift!

It's sushi night every Wednesday at your friend's house? Offer him/her a nice set of Japanese chopsticks! Chopsticks make an elegant and useful gift. Perfect to set a beautiful Japanese table and dive into the atmosphere of a Tokyo restaurant.

We offer Japanese chopstick sets in traditional or modern designs, with wooden or durable cardboard boxes. From two to five pairs, this original gift will suit a couple as well as a family. If you go for this gift option, also consider the chopstick rest or the carrying case!

Japanese Chopsticks collection

5. A bento box, the Japan inspired gift

A family member who is fond of eating lunch on the go? Replace that old tupperware with a nice Japanese bento box! Made of wood or food-grade plastic, the bento box is available in many different styles to satisfy all desires and needs. It's way more pleasant to have your meal in a nice box than to eat in an ordinary plastic container.

Bento boxes are equipped with compartments that allow you to separate your food. Perfect for creating a nice presentation that will make you feel hungry!

Now, let's find the perfect bento box that will match the needs of your family member or friend and simplify his or her life with this healthy, ecological and economical lunchbox. 

bento box collection

6. Tabi socks, the unexpected Japanese gift

Tabi socks are typical of Japan and can be a bit surprising with their separation between the big toe and the other toes. How strange! And yet, if your friend owns a pair of geta or zori (traditional Japanese shoes), this accessory is essential! 

Besides the fact that they are very practical for wearing strapped footwear, tabi socks have many benefits for our health. Better stimulation of blood circulation, agility of the toes, better regulation of perspiration... These two-fingered socks will warm up your feet more quickly, avoid bad odors and improve your posture. So, what do you think? Maybe offering these amazing socks to your friend or family member ain't such a bad idea at all. A great way to prove that you care about him or her. 😄

Don't like the idea of separating toes? Opt for a pair of regular socks with a cute kawaii or traditional Japanese pattern!

tabi socks collection

7. A ramen bowl for Japanese food lovers

The person to whom you wish to offer a Japanese gift is a fan of Asian cuisine? Ramen and other Japanese soups are his or her specialty? Offer them the opportunity to taste their favorite dish in a real Japanese ramen bowl!

Decorated with Japanese dragons or traditional motifs, our ramen bowls are made in Japan according to the rules of the art. In a modern western kitchen, they can also be used as a salad bowl or as a nice serving dish. One thing is for sure, they add a touch of elegance to the table. A great gift idea for lovers of Japanese cuisine and fine tableware.

ramen bowl - dinnerware collection

8. A jinbei or pajamas, the super comfy Japanese gift

Are you looking for a cocooning gift? Both elegant and casual, the jinbei is a traditional garment very popular among Japanese, especially in summer. This outfit, composed of a jacket and shorts (or pants), can be worn both at home and outside. Comfortable and lightweight, the jinbei is a very trendy wafuku (traditional garment) in Japan, especially during the matsuri period.

This two-piece cotton set will make an original pajama or a very comfortable indoor outfit. Unlike the kimono, it does not need a belt, and its elastic waist adapts to all morphologies for maximum comfort. Originating from the samurais, the jinbei was originally a masculine garment, which makes it an excellent Japanese gift idea for men. Nowadays, jinbei for women are also available, with nice traditional patterns like cherry blossoms or more modern ones with cats or sushi, for example. Typical Japanese prints like the seigaiha wave will be much appreciated by your loved ones.

The jinbei is THE Ideal garment to offer to your loved one and to all the fans of the Japanese lifestyle.

jinbei collection

9. A tea canister for hot beverage lovers

The Japanese tea canister is the best way to preserve all the flavors of tea, loose or in bags. With its double lid, it is completely airtight and protects the tea from light, humidity and odors. Made in Japan and covered with washi paper, our tea boxes are also beautiful decorative objects.

Do you want to impress your loved ones, who are big tea consumers? Treat them to beautiful Japanese tea boxes that they can take with them everywhere they go.

tea box collection

10. A Japanese cushion cover, the decorative gift

Interior design lovers will find their happiness in these pretty cushion covers with Japanese patterns. Placed on an armchair, a sofa or a pretty chair, this gift is perfect for bringing a Japanese touch to the decoration of a room or a living room. The advantage of a cushion cover is that it can be machine washed. In addition, our Premium quality models guarantee a brilliant colorfastness.

Traditional, kawaii, inspired by Japanese anime or emblematic landscapes of the archipelago: you are bound to find a design that will seduce your loved one, whether he or she is passionate about Japanese anime or the culture of the Land of the Rising Sun!


 cushion cover collection

11. A matcha tea set to succeed your tea at any time

We love matcha tea when it's smooth and frothy! If your loved one is of the same opinion and enjoys this hot Japanese drink, consider offering him or her a matcha tea set. Composed of a spatula (chashaku) and a bamboo whisk (chasen), this set includes the essentials to make a real matcha tea at home, according to the rules of art.

matcha tea set

12. A Maneki Neko, the lucky Japanese gift

The Maneki Neko is no longer in need of an introduction. This famous Japanese cat with its smiling face 😺 is known to attract good fortune, happiness and money. In Japan, it is usually found at the entrance of stores and restaurants, but also within homes. Nowadays, you can find it in different forms: piggy bank, key ring, bracelet... It makes an adorable kawaii gift to wish luck and happiness to your friends!

maneki neko collection

13. A Daruma, the Japanese gift to reach your goals

The Daruma makes the perfect Japanese gift if you want to wish success to a loved one. This strange round doll, without arms nor legs, symbolizes perseverance, luck and success. Its story is inspired by the legend of Bodhidharma, a famous Buddhist monk, precursor of the Zen school.

In Japan, the Daruma is a vow figurine used to achieve one's goals. To do so, you simply need to clearly formulate your objective and then paint a first pupil on the Daruma to seal your commitment. This should then be placed in a prominent place in your home so that you can see it every day and not lose sight of your goal. Once the goal is reached, the second pupil can be painted, thus restoring the Daruma's sight.

Available in different sizes and colors, this little Japanese grigri makes an original Christmas gift and perfect for setting new goals at the beginning of the year.

daruma collection

14. A Kokeshi doll, the traditional Japanese gift

Traditional Japanese wooden doll, the Kokeshi has been handcrafted in Japan for over 150 years. Ever since, they have conquered the world with their cylindrical shape without arms or legs. A true decorative object, the Kokeshi will find its place on a shelf or a chest of drawers to add a Japanese touch to your home. Traditionally, these ethnic dolls are offered as a sign of friendship or love. A nice way to express your feelings to your loved ones!

kokeshi collection

15. An elegant obi belt, the gift that enhances

A trendy fashion accessory, the modern obi belt can be worn with a kimono as well as with a western outfit. This wide ribbon of fabric to be tied around the waist is perfect to design a nice body shape. The obi belt is available with many Japanese patterns. Easy to tie, it can easily be worn over a shirt, a little black dress or a kimono jacket. Your friend likes Japanese fashion and culture? This Japanese gift for women is the one you need!

obi belt collection

16. A Japanese bag, an original and practical gift

Looking for a Japanese gift for a woman who is passionate about Japan and fashion? Give her a Japanese bag. Accessory as trendy as practical, the bag is a daily essential and comes in several forms: handbag, tote bag or lunch bag.

Go for originality by offering a knot bag. Traditionally worn with a kimono, this traditional Japanese bag is perfect to add an exotic touch to your western outfit. Slipped around the wrist, its small size allows you to keep your personal belongings close at hand without carrying a big bag.

In another style, the Japanese tote bag will prove to be very practical to travel, to carry your school or sport stuff or to do your shopping in an eco-friendly way. The tote bag has the advantage to be declined in many designs and prints: traditional, kawaii, abstract... You will surely find the model that matches your friend!

Lastly, the Japanese lunch bag is perfect to carry your bento box or to be used as a mini handbag during an outdoor picnic. Consider this option if your loved one is a fan of outdoor lunches.

japanese bag and lunch bag collection

17. A noren, the Japanese home decor gift

The noren, or traditional Japanese curtain, is a typical Japanese accessory and inseparable from Japanese style decoration. This curtain comes in the form of short rectangular panels that are split for easy passage. In Japan, it is usually found at the entrance of shops and restaurants to indicate that it is open.

The noren is perfect to create a Japanese atmosphere at home. It can be hung in a door frame to separate two rooms, in front of a window, in front of a closet to hide your stuff or against a wall to decorate. When it comes to patterns and prints, the choice is yours! No doubt your friend will love it!

noren collection

18. Japanese stationery, the kawaii gift

Add some fun to your friends' lives by giving them some Japanese stationery! Japanese patterned notepads, origami sheets, fun stickers and washi tape rolls... Dive into a kawaii and colorful world. You'll find great gift ideas for friends who love creative hobbies, bullet journals and cute desk accessories.

stationery collection

19. A Japanese lantern, the luminous gift idea

Offer your friend a beautiful Japanese lantern to enlighten his/her home. The iconic red chôchin is perfect for creating a traditional Japanese style at home.

Affordable, you can even buy several of them and recreate the feeling of a sushi restaurant or a sake bar in your own kitchen. Through its rice paper, the light is nicely diffused for a soft and soothing illumination. 🏮

The Japanese paper lantern also exists in ball shape, with bamboo or cherry tree patterns. In summer, these ball lamps will find their place in branches of trees to give life to an ephemeral Japanese garden. Imagine spending more time with your friends enjoying an aperitif beneath the stars, under the soft glow of these Japanese lanterns...

lantern collection

20. A tenugui towel, the Japanese gift that is both useful and decorative

The tenugui is a thin cotton towel, used by Japanese people on a daily basis for centuries. This rectangular piece of cloth, printed with various patterns, can be used either as a handkerchief, a towel, a bandana, an advertising support, a makeshift bandage, a bundle, a wall decoration... and the list goes on. A common use of the tenugui is in onsen, Japanese hot spring baths, where they are used to wash the body, wipe or refresh the head by moistening it with cold water.

The tenugui makes a unique and original gift idea and is commonly offered as a souvenir in Japan.

japanese tenugui collection

21. The Japan Avenue gift card to please someone without making a mistake

You have reached the end of this top 18 of Japanese gift ideas and you still haven't found THE gift that will please your loved one? Or perhaps you are not sure that your choice will be the right one?

We have just what you need: the Japan Avenue Gift Card!

Choose the amount of your gift card and immediately receive it by email! All you have to do is transfer or print the card to offer it to your friend or loved one. Valid on the whole store, it will allow its recipient to treat themselves at any time.

gift card

22. Bonus: furoshiki to wrap your gifts!

Take it to the next level this year by replacing your single-use gift wrap with a pretty furoshiki cloth!

Furoshiki is a simple and effective wrapping technique using fabric, folds and knots. This Japanese practice is a great alternative to plastic bags and single-use gift wrap. Plus, your wrapping itself will be a testament to your thoughtfulness!

furoshiki collection

You want to please your friend who is a fan of Japan, but you have a small budget? Check out our selection of Japanese gifts under $15!

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