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Tanuki Japanese Sake Set Tanuki Japanese Sake Set
Hanami Japanese Tea Set
Blossom Japanese Sushi Set Blossom Japanese Sushi Set
Hanami Japanese Sushi Set Hanami Japanese Sushi Set
Japanese Tea Cups Gift Set Japanese Tea Cups Gift Set
Japanese Ceramic Sake Glasses Japanese Ceramic Sake Glasses
Handcrafted Japanese Sake Set Handcrafted Japanese Sake Set
Sakura Sushi Set Sakura Sushi Set
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Box Women's Japanese Socks - EU 36-40 Box Women's Japanese Socks - EU 36-40
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Box 44 Mini KitKat Japanese Box 44 Mini KitKat Japanese
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XXL Japanese Snack Box XXL Japanese Snack Box
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Maneki Neko Gift Box Maneki Neko Gift Box
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Box Men's Japanese Socks - EU 37-43 Box Men's Japanese Socks - EU 37-43
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Sakura Gift Box Sakura Gift Box
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Daruma Gift Box Daruma Gift Box

The Japanese gift box, a great idea!

Looking for a Japanese gift idea for a fan of the Japanese culture? Would you like to share your passion with someone close to you? Then the Japanese gift box remains one of the best ideas! For birthdays, housewarmings, weddings, end-of-year celebrations... Here you'll find the gift box that will make your friend, family member or colleague smile.

A themed box of Japanese products to discover Japan

There's nothing like a Japanese box to please a loved one. And if you're not sure, here are three good reasons to go for it!

Firstly, offering a box of Japanese products allows people to discover the richness of Japanese culture. Why settle for a single product when you can offer several? Choose a theme that appeals to the receiver. The Maneki Neko box is perfect for wishing luck and good fortune. Available in tabi socks, tea box, key ring... This lucky cat will be a welcome addition to your friend's daily life. If you want to encourage someone to follow their dreams, then the Daruma box is the ideal gift. This Japanese figurine is a powerful symbol of perseverance and success, and will help your loved one achieve their goals.

Secondly, you can be sure that you're giving quality products, rigorously selected by our team. For example, our Sakura Gift Box is 100% made in Japan. This box contains products on the theme of sakura, the Japanese cherry blossom. A symbol of ephemeral beauty, this flower is much appreciated as a motif on furoshiki fabrics, tenugui, chopsticks... You can even find its scent in the form of incense cones!

Thirdly, when you buy a Japanese box, you'll benefit from a 20% discount! To receive your tabi socks at a low price, opt for the Japanese women's or men's socks box. Soft and comfortable, tabi socks offer many benefits for foot health, as well as being original. By choosing our socks boxes, you'll please your loved one and your wallet will thank you.

In short, giving a box of Japanese products is an excellent way of introducing people to Japanese culture, offering quality products and taking advantage of special offers. It's a gift that can appeal to those who are passionate about Japan, but also to those who simply want to discover new horizons.

A Japanese snack box for gourmets

Treat friends and family to a gourmet trip to the Land of the Rising Sun with a Japanese snack box! Our team has selected the best sweet Japanese snacks to help you discover a little more of Japanese culture. You'll be able to taste the unmissable mochi filled with red bean paste, share your pack of Pocky with its delicious chocolate flavor, and surprise your taste buds with peach candies

Slipped under the Christmas tree, the Japanese snack box is undoubtedly the dream gift for gourmets and lovers of sweets. A blend of tradition and modernity, this box contains so many of Japan's most popular pastries and sweets. Why not use the contents of your box to create an original Advent calendar? Every day, the discovery of a new Japanese specialty will delight your children. It's the perfect way to take a trip to the other side of the world without leaving home.

For a sweet break during the day, consider the Japanese KitKat box! In Japan, this famous chocolate bar comes in many flavors, each as delicious and original as the next. Matcha, strawberry, orange chocolate... Our selection of KitKats will quickly make your mouth water! At the office or at school, complete your bento with a mini KitKat to share... or not!

By the way, did you know that the KitKat is considered a lucky charm in Japan? It's customary to offer this chocolate bar to a student before an exam to wish them success. In fact, the name of this brand is pronounced "kitto katto" by the Japanese and closely resembles the expression "kitto katsu", which could be translated as "success every time", a way of wishing good luck.

Our Japanese gift boxes are available without subscription. Thanks to our fast delivery service, you can order a box and have it delivered to your home in just 4 to 6 days!