Red Japanese Daruma Doll


Red Japanese Daruma doll for luck

Inspired by the legend of Bodhidharma, the Japanese Daruma is a doll without arms and legs. This paper mache figurine is a lucky charm that allows you to fulfill your most cherished wish.

  • Red: luck and good fortune
  • Composition: paper
  • Size: 4.5 cm and 9 cm
  • Origin: made in Japan
  • How to use the Daruma?

    1. Clearly define your wish or goal. Naturally, it must be achievable and attainable.
    2. Paint one of the eyeballs in black to seal your commitment.
    3. Display the Daruma in a prominent place in your home to keep your goal in mind.
    4. Once the wish or goal is achieved, paint the second eye.

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