5 Japanese Home Decor Ideas for your Interior

japanese home decor

Indissociable from the Zen spirit, Japanese home decor is happily invited into our households to create a calm and soothing place. Some keywords of the Japanese style are minimalism, harmony and nature. In a Japanese interior, colors are sober and neutral, often derived from natural colors such as brown, grey or green. Wood is the preferred material, a noble matter that creates a serene atmosphere. Lastly, indoor plants are particularly appreciated for adding a touch of greenery and creating a balance with nature. For a successful Japanese home decor, opt for a traditional plant such as a bamboo or a bonsai.

Furniture is composed of the basics, it should be simple and practical, with clean and sober lines. However, Japanese decoration is a little more fancy when it comes to patterns. Cherry blossoms, animals, fish, birds, are all common and very often used in the Japanese decoration.

In this article, we will give you some tips and ideas to create a Japanese atmosphere in your home without repainting your walls or investing in exotic wood design furniture. Just get rid of the superfluous in order to create more space and find a good balance between materialism and spiritualism. Here are five ideas to create a modern Japanese home decor in a quick and easy way.

1. Enhance your walls with a Japanese painting

wall art decor

In a more modern spirit, you'll find a number of Japanese artworks on themes such as samurai, geishas and sacred Japanese animals. To take your Japanese decor to the next level, opt for a Japanese canvas with a wooden backing that will give you the impression of parchment. These canvas prints will look even more impressive on your wall if you choose several of them to match each other.

japanese wall art

2. Personalize your sofa with cushion covers

cushion cover decor

To add a colorful Japanese touch to your home decor, personalize your cushions with a Japanese-patterned cover. Placed on a sofa, armchair or bench, these decorative cushions are perfect for warming the atmosphere while bringing a Japanese air into your room.

Japanese-style decoration favors simple shapes and materials, but there's nothing to stop you going wild with patterns. Traditional, floral, modern or kawaii, there's something for everyone. Give a nod to Japanese art with a La Grande Vague cushion cover, or bring good luck into your home with a Maneki Neko cushion cover.

cushion covers

3. Decorate your home with a noren

Japanese noren curtain decoration

Both practical and decorative, the Japanese noren is an inseparable element of Japanese decoration. In Japan, it is hung at the entrance to stores and restaurants to indicate that the establishment is open, then unhung at closing time. It can also be found inside homes to separate two rooms. This original curtain takes the form of a strip of fabric split down the middle to facilitate passage while preserving the room's intimacy.

In our Western interiors, this Japanese curtain is easy to install and creates a beautiful Japanese decor. To add a refined, poetic touch to your decor, you can opt for this springtime Japanese noren and its cherry blossom branch. The primary function of this curtain is infinitely versatile: you can use it to decorate a door, dress a window, close a closet or conceal a storeroom.

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4. Create a subdued atmosphere with a Japanese lantern

Japanese lantern decoration

Japanese interior design with a Zen attitude is all about soft, diffused light that's not too harsh on the eyes. To achieve this, simply dress up your light bulb with a pretty Japanese lantern made from washi paper. This Japanese paper, made from plant fibers, is strong and tear-resistant, making it ideal for covering light fixtures to create a subdued, Zen and comforting ambience. The Japanese round lantern is a beautiful decorative element, and can be used either as a ceiling pendant or as a shade for a floor lamp. In summer, you can hang several of these paper lanterns from the branches of a tree to create an ephemeral Zen garden.

For even more Japanese decoration, hang a red Japanese lantern in a corner of your room. Typical of Japan, these paper lanterns are called chôchin and are still used as illuminated signs to indicate a shop or sake bar in some Japanese cities. In your kitchen, bedroom or living room, a change of scenery is guaranteed with this traditional Japanese lamp.

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5. Create a cocooning space with floor cushions

Japanese floor cushion decoration

Japanese tradition dictates that all furniture, including tables, should be low to the ground. As a result, the Japanese don't use chairs to sit on, but rather floor cushions called zabuton. Whether reading a book, drinking tea or sharing a meal, everything is done while sitting on a cushion on the floor. This practice is in line with the idea of a very minimalist decor, where cumbersome furniture is banished.

Floor cushions are an ideal solution for small spaces. In your living room, replace your dining table and chairs with a coffee table surrounded by cushions. This will save space and give the impression of a higher ceiling. What's more, floor cushions can be stacked in a corner of the room when not arranged around the table. For added comfort, place your table on a tatami or other type of carpet and you'll have a wonderful little cocooning corner.

To keep with the Zen spirit, you can opt for a Japanese tatami cushion to add a natural touch to your decor. In a modern interior, Japanese cushions in traditional patterns are perfect for adding soft, comfortable seating around the coffee table.

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