Konmari Method: Japanese-Style Organizing!

Konmari Method

A home in which you feel good, free of all that is superfluous, is one of the keys to happiness according to Marie Kondo's philosophy.

This organization specialist has changed the lives of millions of people by inventing a revolutionary tidying method. We all dream of having a well-ordered and pleasant home. Thanks to the Konmari method, it is possible.

This magical technique, invented by Marie Kondo, consists in de-cluttering your home to improve your life. Focus on this innovative tidying method.

👑 Marie Kondo, the queen of tidying

marie kondo

Marie Kondo. Source: konmari.com

At only 19 years old, Marie Kondo was already a house fairy. The young Japanese woman began her career as a home organizer and soon made a name for herself by creating the Konmari method: a foolproof organizing technique.

Konmari stands for the name and surname of this famous creator. Her approach to tidying up is somewhat different from those usually found in household magazines. Based on the principles of Zen Buddhism, which advocate a return to the essential and simplicity, the Konmari method represents a real tool for personal development.

As believed by the priestess of tidying up and mother of a family, getting rid of the unnecessary will make you happier. Not only will your home be more functional, but you'll also gain in serenity and self-confidence.

Through her best-seller, "The life-changing magic of tidying up", the author hits the nail on the head. Her secret? Organize vertically and by category of objects rather than room by room.

👉 The Konmari method in 4 steps

Who has never postponed a tidying up chore till the next day? If we don't pay attention, everyday items pile up in no time and clutter our homes, as well as our minds.

More than a simple organizing technique, the Konmari method is a philosophy of life to be urgently adopted in order to feel good at home as well as in the mind.

According to the expert, a well-organized house with everything at its proper place, helps to have a clear mind. The concept of the Konmari method being to arrange your things by items and make them as accessible as possible to keep it practical on a daily basis.

1) 💁‍♀️ Decision-making


As claimed by our coach, this is undoubtedly the most important step, because without a real commitment from your side, there is no sense in starting to tidy up. It will take time and afterwards, you will have to continue your efforts to ensure that your house or apartment remains well organized in all circumstances.

However, it is worth it, because you will gain in comfort of life. It takes about a week to complete this major project. Ideally, you should do a bit of work every night and then finish it all off on the weekend.

According to Marie Kondo, it is important to plan the time necessary to de-clutter your entire home and do your cleaning.

2) 👁️ Visualizing your ideal home

Before you start tidying up your home, Marie Kondo advises visualizing your ideal living space. It's well known that the technique of visualization helps to achieve your goals!

Plus, it's a great way to motivate yourself and make the right decisions.

3) 🥿 Sorting by category (not by room)

Usually when we start a tidying up chore, we go room by room. The Tidying Expert suggests a totally different approach by proposing to tidy by categories of items.

Start by gathering each item in the same category in the same place, on your bed or on the floor for example. This way, you'll have an overview of the stuff you need to sort.

4) 🛍 Konmari storage

Konmari storage

Source: livabl.com

To adopt the Konmari method in an effective way, follow these different storage rules.

🔎 Evaluate each object

Ask yourself if the object in question evokes happiness or a pleasant emotion within you. This way, you can keep only those objects that bring positive energy into your home. It doesn't matter if your table is old and damaged, or if your friends don't like it, if it brings back warm memories, it deserves a place in your home.

On the other hand, if you don't feel any joy at all when seeing your pair of sneakers, you should part with them. The same goes for items that have no use in your home or to which you have no emotional connection.

Before getting rid of your items, remember to thank them for their usefulness. In Japan, politeness is a religion ;-)

🙅‍♀️ Quickly get rid of unwanted things

Once you have evaluated your items, throw them away or donate them right away. You might change your mind if you don't do so immediately. Then, when you are done sorting out, you can focus on your pile of stuff and find a place for them.

🌂 Sort by categories 

Marie Kondo defines 4 categories to be respected, in a precise order: clothes, books, papers, everyday items and souvenirs.

  • Clothes: The expert recommends to store your clothes vertically in order to have a better readability and to be able to easily grab your clothes in your wardrobe. To do so, she invented a unique folding method. The neat freak says it's important to convey affection to each item of clothing with the palms of your hands, as each object is charged with energy.
  • Books: We tend to keep way too many books that we will never (re)read. Again, after evaluating each book, Marie kondo suggests keeping only the ones you really like.
  • Papers: These days, most documents are available online, so why archive them in a binder? Keep only essential papers such as warranties for your appliances, paychecks, etc. Once you have everything sorted out, you can organize the rest into 2 piles: one to treat and the other to keep.
  • Everyday items: Dishes, kitchen utensils, cosmetics, etc. all fall into this category. Only keep what you regularly use or what makes you happy, and get rid of what you don't need unless you value the item. " Most importantly, don't keep things just in case" advises Marie Kondo. Organize your items by category and put them in a container or box before sorting them by drawer.
  • Souvenirs: Photos, letters, diaries and gifts are particularly emotional and it is often difficult to part with them. Go by feel and keep only what moves you the most and makes you happy just by looking at them. For travel photos, you can set a goal of keeping only 5 per day so as not to clutter up too much.

🙋‍♀️ Organize your stuff alone

To avoid being influenced by others, the storage expert advises organizing on your own.

🤔 Create habits

All it takes to keep your home tidy is to establish a few routines. For example, when you come home from work in the evening, you might put your jacket on the coat rack, put your shoes in their place, sort your receipts and mail.

On a daily basis, make it a habit to put everything back in its place after use without forgetting to thank them and take care of them in accordance with the Japanese culture.

👚 The art of Konmari folding in your wardrobe 

folding method

Marie Kondo has developed a unique and particularly ingenious folding method. Rather than stacking clothes, she folds things vertically, which offers an overview of everything in your closet while saving a lot of space.

As stated by the storage consultant, each piece of clothing that is folded correctly is able to stand on its own.

👉 How to do:

  • Fold the sides of your garment to the center to form a rectangle
  • Fold this rectangle in half along its length, leaving the bottom part slightly overhanging
  • Fold your garment again to half its length
  • Then fold it in half one last time
  • Place your piece of clothing vertically in your drawer, using a fabric box for example

This technique also applies to packing your suitcase: simply put all your stuff on the floor, sort it by type of clothing and then fold it as compactly as possible. You can also roll up the softest fabrics to avoid wrinkling them.

Gather the underwear in a bag and separate the shoes in a pocket to avoid staining your stuff. Finally, put all your cosmetics in a toiletry bag.

To learn more about the Konmari method

Marie Kondo has conquered many fans with her revolutionary method. Discover her philosophy through her books and her reality show.

📔 Marie Kondo's books

life changing magic of tidying up

The life-changing magic of tidying up. Source: www.housebeautiful.com

The young Japanese woman became famous thanks to her best-seller "The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up" which was a great success in Japan and all over the world.

Since then, she has also written the book "Spark Joy" as well as other books that focus on tidying and personal development.

💻 Marie Kondo on Netflix

Considered an influencer, Netflix has dedicated a show to her. In this series, titled "Tidying Up", the organization expert visits individuals to help them tidy up their homes.

🧽 The Konmari Method: before and after

For those who are not yet convinced, have a look at the before/after results!

before after

Source: ledahliablanc.fr


konmari storage

Source: parismatch.com

Maybe reading this article has motivated you to start de-cluttering your home? How about you, what are your tips for tidying up efficiently? Does it help you to feel more relaxed and light?

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