How to Open a Japanese Fan?

how to open a japanese fan

An essential accessory to support hot weather: the fan is commonly used in Japan and has been adopted by Westerners for quite some time as well. But did you know that the first folding fan was invented by a Japanese? The history of the Japanese fan is fascinating and full of symbols.

After reading this article, you will understand how to open a Japanese fan in an elegant way as well as how to choose the right fan that will enhance your beauty. 

Opening and using a Japanese fan

A fan is, above all, a chic and refined accessory that needs to be handled with ease.

To open a fan with grace, it is important to do it in a smooth and peaceful way in order to amplify its beauty and preserve your fan as long as possible. To do so, gently move the wooden slats of the frame by sliding them with your left thumb.

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The design side of the fan should be facing outwards so that it can be seen.

Choosing the right Japanese fan

The Japanese fan is a true fashion accessory and has long been a privileged support for artistic expressions of the greatest Japanese painters. Nowadays, you can find fans with traditional Japanese patterns, fans adorned with cherry blossoms, traditional wooden fans or plain color fans to customize yourself.

A fan is made to fan yourself and therefore to wave it in front of your face. Consequently, it is an accessory that attracts the attention of the people around you, which is why it is important to carefully choose one that is elegant and with a design that matches your outfit. When you open it to freshen up yourself, your fan should seem to be an extension of your outfit, a jewel that underlines the elegance of your clothes.

This small accessory will match both a traditional Japanese outfit (kimono, yukata) as well as a modern western outfit.

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Symbolism and beliefs related to Japanese fans

In Japan, many symbols and beliefs are associated with fans.

The object itself symbolizes prosperity. This thought is reinforced by the particular movement of opening the fan, similar to the blooming of a flower, which is reminiscent of the movement one makes with the arm to show the extent of their wealth.

When the fan opens, the wooden slats of its structure point in different directions while leaving from a single point of attachment. This symbolizes the various paths that we can take after our birth, which is represented by this single point of attachment. 

The colors and patterns of Japanese fans also have their unique meanings. The golden colored fan attracts wealth while the red and white colored fans bring luck. The symbolism of these colors is similar to the symbolism of other Japanese good luck objects such as the Japanese cat Maneki Neko or the Daruma doll

Japanese people are used to offer a fan as a gift or souvenir. Fans given for birthdays feature chrysanthemum, crane or turtle designs as a wish for a long and lucky life. 

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Before giving a fan to someone, it is important to understand the meaning of the Japanese pattern on it. A couple of birds on a fan symbolizes a couple in love. Plum blossoms represent a new beginning while cherry blossoms represent the love of parents. Sakura flowers are also symbolic for wealth and good luck. Roses are used to express love and bamboo symbolizes patience.

Add a touch of fragrant elegance

Japanese fans are also popular for their scent. Some fans are made out of sandalwood or Japanese cypress, which give them a nice and natural scent.

You can also perfume your fan by lightly spraying it with your favorite perfume or give it a pleasant smell by storing it in a cupboard with some incense for example.

Where to buy a Japanese fan ?

Whether you want to offer it to someone close or simply to please yourself, our collection of Japanese fans proposes all kinds of quality fans at affordable prices. There are plenty of occasions to deploy your fan. Your fan will be very useful on hot summer days. Occasionally, your Japanese fan will be a very nice fashion accessory for a wedding party or a ceremony.

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