Women's Kimono Jacket - Phoenix

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Women's kimono jacket with its phoenix on the back

These women's kimono jackets are loose and light, sporting the beautiful design of phoenix overlooking the raging waves of rough sea. With its black and white pattern, this kimono jacket is easy to wear, it goes very well with jeans, shorts or narrow dress, and can be suitable for different occasions.

The Japanese phoenix (or phoenix) is called Hakuhô, which means "Chinese firebird". In effect, the myth correlete with this firebird is introduced into Japanese culture at the end of the 7th century and comes from China. The phoenix becomes an imperial symbol and embodies several virtues including goodness, righteousness and wisdom. It's also a good omen bird.
  • one-size fits all (see table below)
  • Light and comfortable fabric
  • Three-quarter and large sleeves
  • Material: cotton/polyester blend
Length (cm) Chest (cm)
Unique 72 138