Women's Kimono Jacket - Samurai Spirit

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Women's kimono jacket to adopt a real samurai spirit

Did you know that there were women samurai once in Japan? These warriors were called onna-bugeisha.

The print on the back of this kimono jacket represents a samurai in a battle position. Around him, eight kanji are written and correspond to the essential principles of the Bushido code, the samurai's code of honor.

With its loose cut, large sleeves and satin effect, these women's kimono jackets are perfect to create a Japanese streetwear look.
  • Light and comfortable fabric
  • 3/4 sleeves, straight and large
  • Straight and loose cut
  • Material: cotton, polyester
Length (cm) Bust (cm) Sleeves (cm)
S 68 118 28
M 69 120 29
L 70 122 29