Women's Kimono Jacket - Lightweight

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Women's kimono jacket, lightweight, with Japanese crane print

It isn't always easy to dress up when it's hot while our only desire is to spend the day in our knickers under a fan. Fortunately for us, this lightweight, loose kimono jacket is the perfect solution to stay elegant, even in summer. Its soft, flowing material keeps our body cool while letting it breathe, even under 40°C.

The Japanese crane print represents a great classic in Japanese culture. This bird is an important animal in Japan, symbolizing longevity and peace. With its long neck and white plumage, it's also a very elegant bird, and the pattern that takes its inspiration from it immediately brings a sophisticated touch to any clothing.
  • one-size fits all (see table below)
  • Light and comfortable fabric
  • Three-quarter and large sleeves
  • Comes with a matched ribbon belt
  • Material: polyester/elastane blend
Length (cm) Chest (cm) Sleeves (cm) Shoulders (cm)
Unique 65 126 34 65