Women's Japanese Kimono In Furisode - Botan

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The furisode, women's Japanese kimono with long sleeves

Furisode kimono is a traditional Japanese kimono recognizable through its long sleeves that sometimes reach to the ground. Originally, these women's kimonos were reserved for young girls who weren't yet married. Nowadays, anyone can wear these beautiful clothing.

With its pretty rose gradient, from pale pink to light red, this Japanese kimono is the most feminine and elegant thing in the world. The floral pattern represents peonies, a symbol of the feminine ideal in Japanese culture. Considered as the queen of flowers, the peony represents the following virtues: independence, kindness, and strength of spirit.
  • one-size fits all
  • Material: cotton and polyester
  • Very long sleeves
  • Obi Belt composed of three pieces
  • Includes: kimono, obi belt, fabric flower, hair sticks
Length (cm) Chest (cm) Sleeves (cm) Shoulders (cm)
Unique 125 118 32 56
  • Wash only with hand
  • Don't use tumble dryer