Women's Japanese Kimono - Short

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Women's Japanese Kimono short and sexy

This Japanese Kimono short and sexy is very elegant with its Japanese floral patterns, its large belt that marks the waist, its tulle veil and its lace on the bow tie. These women's Japanese kimono will look great as a Cosplay outfit or disguise at a party.

The kimono is composed of:

  • A skirt with a tulle veil
  • A kimono top with big, large sleeves
  • A large and black Obi belt
  • A big bow tie with a lace trim

In order to choose your size, please refer to the table below.

Chest measurement

Waist size (cm)
S 85 - 90 65
M 85 - 90 70
L 85 - 90 75
XL 85 - 95 80
2XL 95 - 105 90
3XL 105 - 120 100