Men's Yukata - Suiren

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The premium version of men's yukata, comes with numerous accessories to complete your traditional Japanese outfit

Light, ample and flowing, these men's yukata are wonderfully comfortable to wear.

At the end of the bath, at home or during festivals in summer, the fabric of this yukata offers you an incomparable comfort.

In order to be sure that you've a complete outfit worthy of a real Japanese, this yukata comes with numerous accessories, including a fan and a pair of geta.
  • Material: 95% cotton, 5% polyester
  • Light, soft and comfortable fabric to wear
  • Straight cut and 3/4 large sleeves
  • FREE: 1 obi belt, 1 fabric pouch, 1 fan, 1 pair of socks and 1 pair of wooden geta

This yukata is available in two sizes:

  • Size M: suitable for men whose size is less than or equal to 1. 75m
  • Size L: suitable for men whose size is greater than 1.75m

Attention, remember to fold the left side of yukata over the right side! In Japanese culture, the opposite is reserved for dead people. 👻