Matcha Tea Utensils

Bowl design

Traditional Japanese utensils for making matchatea

Matcha tea, a traditional Japanese drink, is made by vigorously whipping green tea leaves with hot water until it becomes frothy. Matcha is known for its powerful health benefits. To name a few: anti-cancer properties, reduced risk of heart disease, weight loss, stress relief...

Matcha tea is prepared using traditional Japanese utensils specially designed for matcha tea.


    Description of the utensils you will receive in this tea preparation kit:

    • A bamboo spatula-shaped spoon, called Chashaku, 18 cm long. The amount of matcha taken with this spoon is equivalent to about 1g of powder.
    • A bamboo whisk, called Chasen, 11 cm long and 5.8 cm wide. This reusable whisk is very important to properly whisk the matcha for a delicious frothy tea.
    • A ceramic tea bowl, called Chawan, 11 cm in diameter and 6.5 cm high.
    • A ceramic stand for the whisk, to store it and keep it clean after use.

    1. Rinse your Chawan bowl with hot water and wipe it with a clean cloth.
    2. Take a kitchen sieve (not included in the kit), place it above your bowl and pass 1 to 2 spoons of matcha powder with the Chashaku through the sieve in order to break up the lumps.
    3. Boil 30 cl of water and let it cool down to about 70° (if you can't measure the temperature, wait about one or two minutes after removing the lid of the kettle).
    4. Add the water to the bowl containing the matcha powder. Using the Chasen bamboo whisk, quickly whisk the matcha by drawing the letter M or W in your bowl (do not whisk in circular motions) until an emerald green foam forms on the surface of the tea.
    5. Serve in a teacup and enjoy your matcha tea!
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