Maneki Neko Solar

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The famous Japanese lucky cat with solar energy

The Japanese cat, known as Maneki Neko, is a statue of a smiling sitting cat that raises its right paw, its left paw or both. Its name literally means "the beckoning cat".

This small cat statue is considered a lucky charm that attracts good fortune, money and happiness to anyone who owns one.

Make sure to have a Japanese lucky cat in your home too. Who would say no to a little luck, good fortune and happiness? Its raised paw is movable thanks to a solar sensor. This small Japanese decoration item will welcome you by waving its paw silently, whether it is stuck on a shelf of your office or on the dashboard of your car.

The traditional version is white but other colors are also available: the golden cat symbolizes money while the black cat encourages good health by keeping evil spirits away. So, which Maneki Neko Solar will be your choice?

  • Silent and movable paw thanks to a solar sensor
  • Symbol of fortune, luck and happiness
  • Available in three colors : white, yellow and black
  • Size: 6,8 x 7,2 x 7,8 cm