Maneki Neko Beads - Bracelet

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A lucky bracelet with little Japanese Maneki Neko beads

Wear a lucky charm bracelet with Japanese Maneki Neko beads around your wrist.

This cute little bracelet makes a great gift, offer it as a friendship bracelet and you are sure to make someone happy. The Maneki Neko is a very symbolic cat in Japan and many legends tell the story and the origin of this cat which is said to attract money, luck and fortune. You can find it at the entrance of many shops, stores and restaurants or as a decorative object in homes... Or as a lucky charm bracelet, as it is the case here.

  • Fine pottery beads
  • Diameter of the bracelet: 12 cm
  • Available in two thread colors: red and black
  • Sliding closure that fits all wrist sizes