Kokeshi Doll Set


Set of 5 Japanese Kokeshi dolls in wood

Kokeshi are traditional Japanese dolls originating from Northern Japan and created more than 150 years ago. Local woodworkers had the idea of making these Japanese wooden dolls to sell as souvenirs to Japanese tourists who visited the region.

Wooden Kokeshi represent the desire to have a healthy child and these beautiful dolls can also be given as a sign of love or friendship.

In this kokeshi doll set of five, the wooden dolls are hand-carved and hand-painted for a perfect finish. They make beautiful, colorful and cute decoration elements, but also an original gift idea for someone to whom you wish friendship and good health.


    • Wooden dolls
    • Size: 10 cm high
    • Carved and painted by hand
    • Set of 5 Kokeshi dolls
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